All the feels: Traveler love stories
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February 13, 2018 | Interests

All the feels: Traveler love stories

When you travel, you’re guaranteed to fall in love, whether it be with cities, gelato flavors, traditions, new friends, or even “the one”. We followed two very different travel love stories from four of our awesome travelers who experienced relationship milestones on EF Ultimate Break trips. Like travel, love knows no bounds, and it’s freaking awesome. Read on to hear how travel impacted the lives of these adventurous duos.

The world's most epic first date

28 girls all fighting over 1 guy. No, this isn’t an episode of “The Bachelor,” but the start of David and Caroline’s love story. As two strangers on an EF Ultimate Break trip, they met during their group’s first breakfast in Greece. Even with 27 other girls on the trip, when Caroline walked into the room, David only had eyes for her. David and Caroline spent the next 35 days together, traveling through Italy, France, Germany, and Spain on the longest and most adventurous first date anyone’s had in the history of dating. In just over a month, they experienced more together than most couples do in a year.

After arriving back in the U.S., they kept their European romance going—even though they lived in different states—until Caroline transferred to New York City to be with David a couple years later. Today, David and Caroline are still together (#finalrose), and got married in June, 2018 (with their Tour Director, Tyson, and a few of their fellow EF travelers in attendance).

Put a ring on it in Paris

Ahh, Paris. Full of cheese, snails, and a really famous tower. It’s also the poster child for all things love and romance, so it’s no surprise two of our travelers were feelin’ the love in this magical city. This is Sheryl and Ashley’s story.

It all started when Ashley surprised her longtime partner Sheryl with a trip to Amsterdam, Paris and London. As much as the duo enjoyed wandering the canals of Amsterdam and sightseeing in London, Paris was by far the highlight of their trip (and the start of their next big adventure).

After just a few days, Sheryl knew Paris was the place she wanted to propose to her best friend. “After ordering champagne for everyone at dinner and requesting the French musician to perform one of our favorite love songs, I stood up in front of all our new friends and proposed to Ashley. And she said YES!” The pair continued on to London with their group, where Ashley decided Sheryl also deserved a special proposal. She spent their final day in London running around in the rain, searching for the perfect ring, which she gave to Sheryl at their farewell dinner. Spoiler: she said yes, too!

This fairytale couple has been enjoying that happily ever after life ever since, and will be visiting Budapest, Vienna and Prague together this summer.

“Traveling has been a very big part of our relationship. We always hear or read in articles that couples should explore different places together, and that’s true. Ashley and I got engaged while traveling to begin with. And every time we travel, I get to know her more and more.”