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Ultimate Blind Date

Enter to win a free spot on a mystery trip to a place we know you’ll love.

You’re gonna <3 this

Go on a blind date unlike any other—with a destination we pick for you.

Tell us about your worst blind date* and you could win the Ultimate Blind Date with a place you’ll love. You won’t know where you’re going until 60 days beforehand, but we promise you’ll look good together.

*We’ll count dating app dates, too. YOLO.

Enter by Feb. 28th

Take a deep breath and submit your cringey, yikes, no-good-very-bad blind date story.

Earn bonus points by linking a TikTok video about your date to your submission.

We’ll check ’em all out, feel second-hand embarrassment, and pick a winner.

Wait, what’s going on?

It’s 2022. Somehow, you’ve made it to a travel website, and you’re reading about something called the Ultimate Blind Date.

Yeah, I knew all that. But what is the Ultimate Blind Date?

It’s a chance for someone (maybe you!) to go on a date with a mystery destination of our choosing—for free!

For free?! Can I go?

Not so fast. Only one person can win a spot on the Ultimate Blind Date. Scroll back up, tell us about your worst blind date, and we’ll decide if you’re the most deserving of a redo.

What makes it a “blind” date?

If you win, we’re not going to tell you where you’re going...at first. But we understand you gotta do some packing and make sure your passport is valid, so we’ll send you your trip deets 60 days before departure.

What if I've never been on a bad date?

Look, if you’re boring just say that. Seriously tho, consider yourself lucky.

So…you’re not setting me up on an actual date?

God no. Can you imagine? We’re a travel company, not a dating app.

Where to? We got you.

We’ve got destinations on destinations—this lil quiz will help you narrow them down.

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