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It’s not a question of if we travel again, it’s a question of where. And whether it’s in 2021 or 2022, when you’re ready to make your escape, we’ll be ready to bust you out.

If you spent all of 2020 pretending your shower was a waterfall, you need the real thing in…

Cloud forests. Coffee. Pura vida—all day, every day.

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Explore the biodiversity and wildlife of Costa Rica

“One of the best trips I've been on thus far. It was an adventure every single day; the zip lining, beautiful beaches, and the delicious food!”

—Monique, traveled Dec. 2019

6 Epic Costa Rica Activities to Embrace Your Wild Side

(and Get Back to Nature)

Change your trip. No fees, no fuss.

With Ultimate Flexibility, change your trip for free up to 60 days before departure.

If you spent nearly every hour of every day stuck inside, you (and your skin) could use some sunshine in...

Mayan ruins. Rum punch. Snorkel tans.

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Explore the Maya ruins of Tikal and Altun Ha

“The oceans will awe you, the animals will intrigue you, the people will welcome you.”

—Caileen, traveled Jun. 2019

Poolside parties. Sunsets. Tzatziki on everything.

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Snap a photo of the whitewashed (and blue-domed) buildings

“AMAZING nightlife and nothing is better than relaxing on beautiful beaches after a long night out.”

—Blair, traveled Sep. 2019

6 Best Greek Islands to Visit While You’re Young

We handle everything.

Flights? Yep. Accommodations? Those too. Superpowers? We’re working on it.

If you spent the last year exploring local hiking trails, it’s time you got some fresh air of the international variety in...

Cliffs. Rolling hills. So. Much. Green.

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Stand in awe at the Cliffs of Moher, 700 feet above the Atlantic

“The sights in Ireland are stunning, and I couldn't have been happier with what we were able to see and do in such a short time.”

—Alyx, traveled Dec. 2019

Snow-covered peaks. Fairytale castles. Yodeling at 10,000 feet.

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Visit Neuschwanstein, the castle that inspired Sleeping Beauty’s

“The views were unbelievable and picture perfect making me wish I could do it all over again”

—Bridgett, traveled Aug. 2019

Glacier hikes. National parks. Wilderness beyond belief.

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Immerse yourself in the remote wilderness of mountains & glaciers

If you’ve been making your own bread at home for over 300 days, go where carbs are life in...

Pasta. Gelato. Gondola break. More pasta.

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See three of Italy’s most popular destinations, and two bonus cities

“Everything I dreamed it would be and more. I ate pizza or pasta every day and never got tired of it.”

—Savannah, traveled Jun. 2019

Crepes. River cruises. All baguettes, no regrets.

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Taste savory and sweet crepes in the capital of culinary creations

“The food was so scrumptious, I cannot believe I tried escargot and absolutely loved it.”

—Cindy, traveled Jan. 2020

If you need to get waaaay more than six feet away from your roommate, may we suggest…

Ancient temples. Neon lights. Robot cabaret shows.

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Meditate with Buddhist monks in the Mount Koya Monastery

“I went by myself and it was 100000% worth it. This was the best trip of my life and I’m so grateful.”

—Lilliana, traveled Jun. 2019

Floating markets. Island time. Wow, those noodles are spicy!

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Get your fill of Thai street food at famous night markets

“I cannot recommend this trip enough: educational, authentic, cultural, beautiful, fun, exciting, relaxing, and the chance for so many memories!”

—Chandler, traveled May 2019

World-class beaches. Hindu temples. Did someone say monkey forests?

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Mingle with the locals—of the human and monkey varieties

Do It for the ‘Gram: 8 Bali Swings That’ll Take Your Insta to New Heights

Your safety matters most.

We’re making EF Ultimate Break the safest way to travel.

If you need some travel in your life, but don’t want to go too far, you should check out…

Big ol’ trees. Hot valleys. The grandest of canyons.

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Gaze into the great void of the Grand Canyon at a loss for words

Turquoise lakes. Sky-high mountains. Um, you’re drooling again.

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Enjoy Banff National Park, Banff Hot Springs & never get tired of saying “Banff”

Exploring Iconic US National Parks (Safely) with EF Ultimate Break

Banff or Bust: 7 Things to Do in Banff That Will Change Your Life

There’s plenty more where that came from

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