Fresh Irish Air in a Jar | EF Ultimate Break
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Fresh Irish Air in a jar


Fresh Irish Air (in a jar)

Starting at $2,199 Size: 16 oz (473 mL)

We ventured into the rolling meadows of County Cork to fill this jar with fresh Irish air. We’re not crazy, we just love Ireland. And we think you should, too.

  • Filled with fresh Irish air
  • Comes with 9-day trip to Ireland
  • Jar-sized
  • Nice label
  • Jarred by an actual Irish guy*
  • Floats, we think

*His name is Gavin, and he’s one of our awesome Tour Directors. He also happens to be quite talented in the art of air capturing.

“Good jar.”


“My dog loves to bark at it.”



“What are you doing in my fields?”

—Irish farmer

“I smell the rains down in Ireland”

—“Ireland” by Toto

*And Grand Tour of Ireland