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Life is short, the world is big, and we just came
up with the 11 top travel destinations for 2019. Is this
a challenge to visit all of them? Absolutely. Better
start now though—2019 trips are selling out fast.

Wine and tan lines guaranteed.

“Nowhere else have I felt like I stepped back in time and into paradise. The history is epic, the sunsets are breathtaking, and I’m now a firm believer that tzatziki should be one of the five basic food groups.”
Abby, trip expert at EF Ultimate Break


Best for beach lovers, sunset chasers,

feta enthusiasts, Greek gods

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All high and mighty. Literally.

“Sometimes getting away from the hustle and bustle of city-life is just what the doctor ordered. And then sometimes the doctor goes above and beyond and you find yourself with a bag full of Swiss chocolate surrounded by breathtaking mountains.”
Caitlyn, trip expert at EF Ultimate Break


Best for hikers, adventure seekers,

conquerors of heights, mountain goats

Hot beaches. Hotter noodles

“First things first, the street noodles are amazing. But the spicy street food is only the beginning. You’ve got tropical forests, floating markets, and more Buddha statues than you can count. It’s truly paradise from every angle.”
Kaitlin, trip expert at EF Ultimate Break


Best for sun bathers, temple wanderers,

street food daredevils, Buddha belly rubbers

Siesta by day, fiesta by night

“The Spanish just get it. They live life to the fullest, and leave no tapas bar unturned. Café con leche in the morning, sangria in the evening, and getting lost in winding streets all day. Maybe even stopping for a quick nap along the way, too.”
Ben, trip expert at EF Ultimate Break


Best for sangria sippers, flamenco dancers,

night owls, bathing suit wearers

The future is here, and it's served with sushi

“Seeing Japan is like seeing the world in color for the first time. It’s equally stimulating and serene all at once. Spicy tuna rolls, bullet train rides, ancient shrines, bright lights & busy crosswalks are only the tip of the archipelago.”
Jesse, trip expert at EF Ultimate Break


Best for zen searchers, neon fanatics,

futurists, aspiring sumo wrestlers

Views worth leaving the pub for

“From cosmopolitan Dublin, to the Cliffs of Moher, and every pub in between, the Emerald Isle has it all. Shoot, even the sheep are friendly!”
Colin, trip expert at EF Ultimate Break


Best for Guinness lovers, Blarney Stone kissers,

storytellers, did we already say Guinness lovers?

The (really) great outdoors

“It’s the kind of adventure that makes you say 'I could get used to this.' In one day, you'll go from drinking fresh coffee and hiking through the jungle in the morning, to ziplining and exploring Mayan ruins in the afternoon.”
Marian, trip expert at EF Ultimate Break


Best for thrill seekers, fish befrienders,

waterfall chasers, lava nerds

A 3-course feast of pizza, pasta, and ancient ruins

“No matter how many times you go to Italy, you can never conquer it all. There will always be more gelato flavors to sample, more Renaissance masterpieces to gawk at, and more tiny grandmas making fresh Bolognese.”
Hannah, trip expert at EF Ultimate Break


Best for noodle noshers, art historians,

espresso addicts, The Lizzie McGuire Movie fans

Live life on the edge of the Sahara

“Morocco is French, and Arabic, and European, and African all at once. It’s every color of the rainbow, every flavor you’ve never tasted, and the most vibrant atmosphere around. You can haggle in marketplaces, see the Sahara, and take on thousands of years of beautiful history.”
Brendon, trip expert at EF Ultimate Break


Best for spice seekers, desert dwellers,

hagglers, snake charmers

Love at first baguette

“France is all about love. And not just the kind of love that has people proposing on the top of the Eiffel Tower. I’m talking about a love for everything—mouthwatering food, beautiful art, and countless idyllic cobblestone streets.”
Micaela, trip expert at EF Ultimate Break


Best for art aficionados, crepe

connoisseurs, romantics, Mona Lisa

Yeah, the whole friggin’ continent

“It’s so hard to pick just one country in Europe. Each one offers something so different and so unique. So yeah, just get there and see as much of it as you possibly can. Your future self will thank you.”
Tasha, trip expert at EF Ultimate Break


Best for foodies, history lovers,

café loungers, pretty much everyone

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