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Wish list Sweepstakes

Add a trip to your wish list, and you could win it for free

How do I enter the sweepstakes?

Add a trip to your wish list between December 7th and 25th. If you already have trips on your wish list, you can remove them and add them again.

How do I add a trip to my wish list?

It’s easy! Find the trip you’d like to add, and click the little heart. If you don’t already have an account with us, you will be prompted to create one.

Does adding multiple trips to my wish list increase my odds of winning?

Nope. You will only be entered once, no matter how many trips you add.

When does the sweepstakes end?

December 25th.

What if I have multiple trips on my wish list?

If you win and have multiple trips on your wish list, you can choose your favorite.

How will I find out if I win?

We’ll send a raven. Or maybe an owl. But also an email, just to be safe.

What if I book a trip and then win the sweepstakes?

If you win, we’ll go ahead and give you the trip you booked for free!

What’s for dinner?

We’re not making you dinner.

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