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Trip Funder

Part of booking a trip with EF Ultimate Break includes TripFunder, an online tool to help you raise money to travel. So, whether it’s for a graduation gift, birthday present, holiday, or just because someone thinks you’re really nice, make your trip a reality with TripFunder.


Use it immediately

Once you book your trip, you’ll get access to your private TripFunder page. From there you can share your TripFunder link with your friends, family, and even that neighbor down the street who waves at you when you walk your dog. The more people chip in, the less you have to pay.


Fund part, or all, of your trip

Over the years, our travelers have used their TripFunder pages to raise more than one million dollars. Just remember to say thank you when someone donates.


Complement it with your payment plans

When you book your trip, you have the choice of a few payment plans. Every donation you receive from TripFunder, makes your payments lower and even easier to make.

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