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GTFOutside with outdoorsy trips

Indoors is overrated. Get outside on our active & adventure trips and start earning your Instagram likes, work those glutes up a Swiss Alp trail, and maybe even zipline past some monkeys. Find out which trip is right for you below.

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Active Ireland

12 days. 5 cities. Unlimited sheep sightings.

Pros: miles of the greenest greens in the world, hiking the highest point in Ireland, post-hike Guinness

Cons: trying to have just one post-hike Guinness

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Belize: Rainforests, Reefs & Ruins

10 days. 4 cities. Don’t Mayan-d if you do.

Pros: leg day = climbing Mayan ruins, waterfalls, ziplining, cave-tubing

Cons: Howler monkey wake-up call

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Hike Europe: The Alps

12 days. 4 cities. Fondue it.

Pros: wine, cheese, chocolate, the Alps

Cons: forgetting about wine, cheese, and chocolate long enough to remember you’re in the Alps

Get outdoorsy on these trips

Two small tri-colored monkeys perching on a tree branch with the monkey in the front holding a branch

Costa Rica Adventure

10 days, 4 cities
Save up to $400

Our travelers enjoy the great outdoors, hbu?

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