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Travel for less with our most affordable trips

The best things in life are free. The second best things are affordable trips. Break your bucket list, not your bank account and find the perfect trip—for less—below.

London & Paris Escape

8 days. 2 cities. Posh AF.

Pros: most cool accents per square mile, experiencing the Eiffel Tower & Big Ben in one trip.

Cons: having to decide if you’re Team Crumpet or Team Croissant.

Grand Tour of Ireland

9 days. 4 cities. Pubs, pints & pretty green sights.

Pros: views that will make you say “No. Sheeping. Way.,” pub sing-a-longs galore, Guinness.

Cons: what if the Blarney Stone isn’t a good kisser?

Costa Rica Adventure

10 days. 4 cities. Pura vida.

Pros: monkeys are calling it the “ooh ooh aah aah of a lifetime,” travelers are calling it “the best trip of my life.”

Cons: once you’ve ziplined the rainforest it’s hard to go back to walking everywhere.

Proof that the trip of a lifetime doesn't have to break the bank