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Gorge yourself on foodie trips

Why eat to live when you can live to eat? Open up your world (and your mouth) and treat your taste buds with a trip to the most drool-inducing cuisine capitals out there. Satisfy your cravings with our best trips for foodies below.

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Italy & the Greek Islands

15 days. 5 cities. You feta believe it.

Pros: carbo-loading on fresh pasta in Rome, late night gyros in Athens, even later night gelato.

Cons: some restaurants may selfishly not be open at 4am—right when you want pizza the most.

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Oktoberfest in Germany

7 days. 1 city. Prost!

Pros: big beers, bigger pretzels, biggest schnitzel you ever did see.

Cons: Munich will bring out the wurst in you—bratwurst, weißwurst, currywurst, etc.

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Barcelona, Paris & London

11 days. 3 cities. Tapas on tapas on tapas.

Pros: fulfilling your little cravings while tapas bar hopping in Barcelona, sampling English breakfasts & French pastries.

Cons: the paella withdrawal is real.

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Many buildings packed together with some buildings with domes on top situated right next to the water with boats traveling through the water

Venice, Florence & Rome

10 days, 3 cities
Save up to $400

Eat. Post. Repeat.

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