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Alaska Cruise: Glacier Bay

11 days, 1 city
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A large glacier situated next to big rocky snow-covered mountains and situated next to the ocean
A large glacier situated next to big rocky snow-covered mountains and situated next to the ocean
Many seals lounging on rocks situated in the middle of the ocean with snow-covered mountains in the background
A large glacier in the middle of the ocean with even larger mountains in the background
A black and white bird with red eyes and a pointy orange beak
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Why go?

Get in touch with your wild side on a week-long cruise adventure through breathtaking Alaska. Spot animals like whales and bears, kayak through bays that look like postcards, and get up close and personal with the great outdoors.

Picture yourself

  • Standing in awe of Alaska’s massive glaciers

  • Hiking the many trails of rugged Tongass National Forest

  • Marveling at breaching humpback whales

  • Cruising and kayaking through Glacier Bay National Park

  • Capturing endless photos of the enchanting wilderness

What you'll get

  • Round-trip flights & airport transfers

  • 2 nights in handpicked accommodations

  • 7 nights aboard an Alaskan cruise ship

  • 9 breakfasts

  • 6 lunches

  • 7 dinners

  • Expert Tour Director

  • 24/7 support

  • Guided adventure activities and shore excursions

  • Narration from onboard naturalist guides

Map for the Alaska Cruise: Glacier Bay tour
Full trip itinerary


  • Day 1: Arrive in Juneau

    Welcome to Alaska’s capital city, Juneau, your jumping off point for the incredible week ahead. It’s a good thing you flew here, because the city is straight up not accessible by car.

    Today's highlights:

    • Meet an EF representative and fellow travelers as they arrive at the airport.
    • Transfer to your hotel to check in and check out your room.
  • Day 2: Explore Juneau + Welcome Dinner

    Has it hit you yet? You’re in Alaska, the biggest state in the country. First things first, go outside and look around—the scenery here is something else.

    Today's highlights:

    • Walk the streets of downtown Juneau with your Tour Director.
    • Enjoy a Welcome Dinner with fellow travelers at an authentic local spot.
  • Day 3: Board your cruise

    If nautical nonsense be something you wish, then get on the boat and—look there’s a fish! In other words, it’s time to embark on your 7-night Alaskan cruise. Oh, and did we mention that breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included each day on the ship?

    Today's highlights:

    • Swap out your land legs for sea legs as you board the ship.
    • Chow down on your first of many onboard meals.
  • Day 4: Icy Strait & Neka Bay

    On your first full day of cruisin’, your vessel will glide into Icy Strait and Neka Bay. Spoiler: there’s all kinds of marine life here, so keep those eyes peeled.

    Today's highlights:

    • Kayak through bullwhip kelp (extra-long seaweed) in the Icy Strait.
    • Search for sea lions and other wildlife as you go.
    • Hop into some mud boots and join a naturalist for a tranquil forest hike.
  • Day 5: Glacier Bay National Park

    Towering mountains. Icy blue glaciers. Freaking whales. Glacier Bay National Park is next-level wild beauty, and for the next two days, it’s yours.

    Today's highlights:

    • Paddle your kayak around Taylor Bay and Dundas Bay.
    • Hike with a view of the park’s tallest peak, Mount Fairweather.
    • Keep an eye out for bears, humpback whales, and wolves.
  • Day 6: Glacier Bay National Park

    Have you had enough of Glacier Bay National Park? Hah, of course you haven’t. The park is roughly the size of Connecticut btw. Much to see, much to do—off you go.

    Today's highlights:

    • Check out South Marble Island, home to an impressive variety of rare sea birds.
    • Float into Tidal Inlet and look for bears, mountain lions, and eagles along the shores.
    • Take in the grandeur of Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers.
  • Day 7: Chichagof Island

    Two fun facts for today: Chichagof Island is the fifth largest island in the U.S. (whoa) and has the largest concentration of bears on Earth (double whoa).

    Today's highlights:

    • Gawk at the soaring fjords that line the coast of Chichagof Island.
    • Trade your cruise ship for a smaller boat to get a closer look at the island.
    • Step ashore for more hiking and more wildlife sightings in Tongass National Forest.
  • Day 8: Frederick Sound

    Today you’ll cruise into Frederick Sound, which is known for—you guessed it—marine wildlife and natural beauty in every direction. You’re really starting to get the hang of this Alaska thing.

    Today's highlights:

    • Wave five fingers at the Five Finger Islands Light, a lighthouse that’s been in operation since 1902.
    • Point and smile at the napping sea lions of the Brothers islands.
    • Work your arms on a kayaking adventure into Port Houghton or Windham Bay.
  • Day 9: Tracy Arm & Sawyer Glaciers

    More natural wonders await as you cruise along Tracy Arm, a fjord that will lead you directly to Sawyer Glaciers. It’s okay to stare—these colossal chunks of ice are nothing short of spectacular.

    Today's highlights:

    • Look left, look right and definitely look up at the impressive Tracy Arm fjord.
    • Search for mountain goats flaunting their climbing skills on the cliffs.
    • Wrap up your week at sea with a Captain’s Dinner on board.
  • Day 10: Disembarkation + free day in Juneau

    Your cruisin’ days are over, but not in a sinister way, just in a your cruise has come to an end way. Never fear, you’ve got the rest of the day to explore more of Juneau.

    Free time suggestions

    Mount Roberts Trail: Connect with nature on this nearby hiking trail, which offers stunning views of the city and surrounding area.

    Mendenhall Glacier: Whether you hike around it, trek on it, or kayak near it, this enormous glacier will take your breath away.

  • Day 11: Fly home

    Goodbye, friends!

    Your next destination awaits—home. But this isn’t goodbye. It’s “See you later.” The only question is, where?

Traveling with us helps the EF community plant trees, at no extra cost to you.


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