Highlights of Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden & Denmark
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EuropeHighlights of Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden & Denmark

Highlights of Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden & Denmark


Travel Style:

Why Go?

Scandinavia is Europe’s best—and most prettiest—kept secret. Get ready to fall in love. And then fall in love again. From the natural beauty of Western Norway, to the culture and history of Stockholm, to the warm vibes (and even warmer citizens) of Copenhagen, this trip through Northern Europe has it all. It’s an Instagrammer’s paradise, with its chic, modern cities bursting with energy (and not just from its caffeinated citizens). Spend 11 days seeing, tasting, and exploring everything Scandinavia has to offer, and by the end of it, you’ll only wonder if Scandinavia has the same feelings toward you that you do of it.

What are the top highlights?

  • Cruise through the fjords of Norway and cry if you need to (they’re that beautiful)
  • Check out Vasa, Sweden’s beautiful—but faulty—warship that sunk moments into its maiden voyage in 1627
  • Walk the narrow, winding streets of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s iconic old town
  • Snack on a Danish pastry (or 3) in a cozy environment in Copenhagen
  • Tour Stockholm’s City Hall and imagine your future self attending the Nobel Prize Banquet, which happens here every year (#dreambig)
  • Wander through the Bryggen neighborhood in Bergen, Norway, known for its colorful wooden buildings and pedestrian-friendly streets

Your trip includes

  • Round-trip flights & airport transfers
  • Multilingual Tour Director & local guides
  • Private deluxe motorcoach
  • 9 nights in hand-picked accommodations
  • Welcome Mixer with appetizers & drinks
  • Daily breakfast & three-course Farewell Dinner
  • Entrance to the Vasa Museum in Stockholm & other select attractions


You’ll stay at accommodations hand-picked by our team of local experts, in rooms only for EF Ultimate Break travelers. Each property is located in a safe, convenient area. You’ll receive your exact accommodations 30 days before your trip departs.

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  • Flight costs are included in your monthly payment plan, so you can pay over time
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  • 24/7 support no matter what time zone you’re in
  • One checked bag included on most flights
  • Option to make changes to your trip up to 99 days before departure

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Full trip itinerary


  • Day 1: Board your overnight flight to Denmark

    Sit back, take a snooze, and get excited for Denmark, home to the world's happiest citizens, pastel-colored buildings, and an insane number of bikes.

  • Day 2: Arrive in Copenhagen

    Welcome to Copenhagen, Denmark! Denmark is the smallest Scandinavian country. And it’s only fitting that the smallest country, is also the coziest. So much so that the Danes have a word used to describe a psychological state of togetherness. The word is hygge, pronounced “hoo-gah,” which sure sounds a lot like “hug.” So throw on your comfiest clothes, hug everyone, and get ready for Copenhagen.

    Today's Highlights:

    • Meet an EF representative at the airport.
    • Transfer to your accommodations and check in.
    • Receive the latest schedule from your Tour Director.
    • Meet your fellow travelers as they arrive.

    In the evening, it’s time for your Welcome Mixer. Enjoy appetizers and drinks with fellow travelers at an authentic local spot. Afterwards, take the party elsewhere.

  • Day 3: Explore Copenhagen

    You’ve got a full day in Copenhagen to hit all the palaces, canals, and coffee shops you can. In the morning, a local will give you a proper introduction to one of the happiest places on Earth (no, it’s not Disney World).

    Today's Highlights:

    • Join a local guide for a sightseeing tour of Copenhagen.
    • See some big crowns, big jewels, and tiny people in paintings at Christiansborg Palace.
    • Feast your eyes on the cotton candy townhouses of the waterfront Nyhavn neighborhood.
  • Day 4: Free Day in Copenhagen

    Enjoy a free day in Copenhagen to do as you please. Gallivant around, hitting up places like the historical and colorful waterfront district buzzing with energy. And when you need a break, stop for a pastry. Okay, stop for several pastries.

    Free Time Suggestions
    Tivoli Garden:
    Tivoli Garden opened in 1843, and is the second oldest amusement park in the world. Go for the rides, the shows, or for some good old fashioned people watching. Walt Disney was even inspired by Tivoli Gardens. So, you know, it’s kind of a big deal.
    Meatpacking District: When you hear “meatpacking district,” your mind probably doesn’t jump right to nightlife. But in Copenhagen, it should. What used to be home to many meat industry businesses is now a thriving zone of hip restaurants and bars.

  • Day 5: Free Day in Copenhagen

    It’s your last day in Copenhagen, and the ball is in your court. Make a game plan, keep your eye on the prize, and other sports idioms. But really, make the most of it. Check out more museums, find the perfect café, and maybe even wander into the autonomous anarchist district known as Christiania.

    Today's Highlights:

    • Grab your morning/afternoon/evening coffee.
    • Hit up some of your favorite places from the last few days.
    • Visit the National Museum of Denmark, which used to be the Crown Prince’s mansion.
    • Drink up at Visit Carlsberg, where this famous Danish beer is brewed.

    Free Time Suggestions
    The Short Arm of the Law:
    Freetown Christiania is a neighborhood started by anti-establishment, anarchist free-spirits (read: hippies) in the 1970s. And for the last 40 years, they’ve been governing themselves, building their own homes, and doing pretty much whatever they want. (No parents, no rules!) Take a stroll through the hash-scented neighborhood, and decide for yourself if this way of life is for you.
    Step it Up: For the best views of Copenhagen, head to Church of Our Savior. But you’re going to have to work for it—there are 400 steps between you and the top of the tower. The final push is an exterior spiral staircase that gets narrower the higher you get. Or maybe it’s just your imagination…

  • Day 6: Travel to Stockholm + Optional Urban Kayaking

    Your time in Denmark has come to an end. But never fear—another Scandinavian country awaits: Sweden, known for friendly people, meatballs, and fika, a daily coffee break Swedes use to slow things down and enjoy the moment. You’re going to Stockholm, a city of 14 islands, and impeccable minimalistic architecture and design. Sit back, enjoy the quick flight, and start thinking about how you’re going to tell your family you’re never leaving Scandinavia.

    Today's Highlights:

    • Enjoy the sights of your train from Copenhagen to Stockholm.
    • Settle in to your accommodation and get to know the neighborhood.

    Urban Kayaking (extra cost)

    Note: This excursion is seasonal and only runs from May through September. Availability is subject to your tour’s departure date.

    Give your legs a break, and spend a few hours kayaking back and forth between Stockholm’s 14 distinct islands with a local Swede. Get a true duck’s-eye view of the city, while also getting in a killer arm workout.

    Why wait? Save money by booking this optional excursion before your trip departs.

  • Day 7: Explore Stockholm

    Get to know Stockholm on a more personal level with a local. Afterwards, relax at a café, head back to the old town, or try something completely different on your own (ride the metro; many of the stations double as art galleries).

    Today's Highlights:

    • Tour the Venice of the North with a local guide.
    • Stop at the Vasa Museum, home to the recovered wreckage of Vasa, a Swedish warship that sunk 20 minutes into its first, and last, voyage.
    • Visit Stockholm City Hall, and never wash your shoes again after you walk down the same stairs that Nobel Prize winners walk down every year.
    • Walk through Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s charming and iconic old town.

    Free Time Suggestions
    Frozen in Time:
    Skansen, the world’s first open-air museum, is a window into the past. Walk by the 150 houses and exhibits, some of which are inhabited by staff wearing traditional Swedish clothing. There is also an open-air zoo, which is full of Nordic animals like bison, brown bears, and reindeer. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to snap a selfie with a moose.
    Dancing Queen: If you’re a fan of the 1970’s Swedish pop group, ABBA, then you can’t miss the museum dedicated to their legacy. All you have to do is pay some Money, Money, Money, and the interactive exhibit is yours for exploring.

  • Day 8: Travel to Bergen

    Say goodbye to Sweden, today will be your introduction to Norway. A local guide will take you through Bergen, showing you some of the top sights, like the city’s old town that looks like somewhere Thor would hang out. But first, coffee. Scandinavians drink a lot of it—nearly 22 pounds per person each year in Norway, which is the second-most in the world. (Finland is 1st, Italy is 13th, and the USA is 26th.) As you wander around, your guide will fill you in on the culture and history of Bergen, and point out all selfie-worthy spots.

    Today's Highlights:

    • Fly from Stockholm to Bergen (in a plane, not like a bird).
    • Join a local guide for a bus and walking tour of Bergen.
    • Walk through Bryggen, the oldest part of the city where 62 traditional wooden houses give you a glimpse into the city’s past.
    • Smell your way through the fish and flower markets.
  • Day 9: Cruise through the fjords

    You’re about to experience what makes Norway one of the most beautiful countries in the world: the fjords. Formed millions of years ago by glacier movement, Norway’s fjords attract visitors from all over the world. And they make up a huge portion of Norway’s coastline, which stretches 18,000 miles. Take away the fjords, and this number shrinks to 1,600. So look up, look left, look right, and look out for some breathtaking scenery—because fjords are everywhere. And by the end of the day, you might even know how to correctly pronounce “fjord.”

    Today's Highlights:

    • Embark on a half-day cruise through the fjords of Western Norway.
    • Grab a fellow traveler (or the nearest stranger) and head to the front of the boat for your Titanic moment.
    • Snap Insta-worthy photos from every angle—the fjords don’t have a “bad side.”
    • Travel back to Bergen via train for an extra helping of breathtaking scenery.
  • Day 10: Free Day in Bergen + Optional Mt. Urliken Cable Car

    If you haven't figured it out by now, Bergen is no typical European city. And not just because the snack of choice around these parts is a reindeer hot dog. Spend your last day in Bergen discovering its unique beauty, then wrap things up with a farewell dinner (not hot dogs).

    Today's Highlights:

    • Put on your most tactical cobblestone-ing boots and get lost in downtown Bergen.
    • Answer the woods if they're calling you—Norwegian wilderness is walkable from almost anywhere.
    • Take an optional excursion up Mt. Urliken in a cable car.
    • Begin preparing your Scandinavian scrapbook.

    Free Time Suggestions
    Compose Yourself:
    Toldhaugen is the former home of Edvard Grieg, who was basically the Adele of Romantic era composers. Today, you can visit the house, explore the museum dedicated to his legacy, and even peer into the hut where Grieg did most of his composing.
    Hot Buns: Follow your nose to any one of Bergen’s bakeries for a traditional Norwegian pastry: the cinnamon roll (or skillingsboller). Baker Brun has been baking these beautiful buns since 1893, so if you’re looking for tried and true treats, look no further. If you’re looking for awesome alliteration, look no further than the previous sentence.

    Farewell Dinner
    Share some last laughs (and maybe sh