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Prices are increasing.

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Limited availability on 2018 trips. See details

1. Why are prices increasing?  

Our supplier costs need to be adjusted as we get closer to trip departure dates. Meaning, the best time to book is right now.

2. When do prices go up?  

All trip prices will increase on February 2nd, 2018 at 11:59pm EST. By booking now, you ensure that you get the trip you want, when you want it. And nothing’s more important than that. (Besides world peace, maybe.)

3. How much will prices increase?

This varies by trip, date, and gateway—but in some cases, prices can increase by up to 20%.

4. How can I secure the lowest price?

All you need to do is put down the minimum deposit and you can switch dates or trips with no additional fees up to 99 days before you leave. If you ever see your trip for a lower price, we will match it. No questions asked. Learn more about payment plans here.

5. What do prices include?

17 things (give or take). When you book an EF Ultimate Break trip, you get round-trip flights, handpicked accommodations, transfers between cities, a full-time tour director, activities, daily breakfast, and a whole lot more. See everything you get.