Early Bird prices for 2020 trips are here!

Make 2020 awesome
Book your trip before June 27th to get the best prices ever.

What are Early Bird prices?
These are the absolute best prices you'll see for trips departing on or after October 1, 2019. June 27th is your last chance to get these prices. See all trips.
Why should I book a trip for 2020 right now?
Simple: Lower prices and more time to pay. Plus, when you book now, it guarantees your spot on a trip that might sell out.
You only need a $150 deposit
Once you find your trip, $150 locks in the price and secures your spot. Then, you simply pay a little bit each month until your trip leaves. You can even switch dates or trips with no additional fees up to 99 days before you leave. Learn more about payment plans.
Is there anything else I should know?
Aside from what you call a female daddy longlegs or why pizza boxes are square even when the pizza is round? Definitely! Check out the list below:

Trips under $199/monthSee the full list.

New trips for 2020Choose from 8 different trips.

Payment plan detailsChoose when—and how—you pay.