The Canal.

Jungles. Rum.

One part metro.

One part retro.

This. Is. Panama.

Video by Kraig Adams, YouTuber, videographer, and travel fanatic.

A story of three people, one country, and zero ideas of what to expect. Never been to Panama? No sweat. Neither had Braden or Linnea, two members of the EF Ultimate Break team. So we paired them with Kraig Adams, a YouTuber, videographer, and photographer and sent them to Panama to capture the magic of this mysterious place and see why it’s much more than a canal.

Below is their story. What will yours be?

Have an adventure:
By land and by sea

Monkeys, birds, and fish. Oh my! When you have jungles, beaches, and amazing wildlife in your backyard like Panama City, you’re practically guaranteed a good time. “We saw tons of animals as we were hanging by the beach, snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea, and cruising through the jungle,” said Braden. “And the best part? We were doing it only an hour away from the city.”

Who needs a man? Not this
Caribbean Jewel Damselfish.
Sun’s out, tongue’s out
for this Capuchin monkey. 
This Geoffroy’s Tamarin's face says he
remembered he left the coffee pot on.
The Grey Necked Wood Rail
goes for a dip in the water.
How to eat and drink

your way through

Casco Viejo

This country is more than your traditional rice and beans fare (though they have that, too.) As you walk along the streets of Casco Viejo, the oldest part of Panama City, restaurants and bars line the street offering the freshest food and tastiest drinks.

Zesty and refreshing ceviché

Mercado del Marisco (Seafood Market)
Any visit to Panama City must include a stop at the Seafood Market—not to be confused with the Fish Market, a restaurant in the neighborhood. “Yeah, we got that wrong the first night,” said Linnea. Whoops. Lesson learned. And shared. 

Braden and Linnea recommend...

A visit to the jungle

What was it like to live in Panama a few centuries ago? Look no further than the Emberá tribe. Heading deep into the jungle, a visit to their village includes traveling by canoe, eating out of banana leaves, and learning about the culture that the Emberá people have preserved for hundreds of years. It’s an experience you have to see to believe. (Good thing Kraig got it on video!)

Panama’s history is
anything but boring

For a country that’s relatively unknown, Panama has seen some stuff. It’s had pirates ransack the city. It's seen Columbus land here on his fourth voyage. And this little ol’ thing called the Panama Canal was built. With so much to cover and so little time, we've got some highlights you should know.

Panama. You. Now.

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