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Ultimate Earth

To celebrate our new name, we decided to go big. Around the world big. And to make it even bigger, we’re giving one spot away for free on this one-time only trip. Ready to do this? Guarantee one of the 30 spots and book your trip today.



Learn more about the cities you'll visit.

Beautiful beaches, even beautiful-er people, insane parties, and one giant Jesus statue await.
Watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night with a glass (or box) of wine in the Champ de Mars.
Head to the coast and climb up to Mont. Saint-Michel an island commune home to a whopping…44 people.
Mouth, meet Italy. Fresh gelato and homemade pasta will soon be yours. So, so soon.
Democracy by day. Party by night. Athens gonna make you say opa!
Flood your Instagram with all things Santorini, from their famed sunsets to the white-washed and blue-domed houses.
Need some more beach in your life? Hit up the island of Ios, known for all-day parties, fine-sand beaches, and nightlife that stretches into early morning.
A Middle Eastern playground—camp out in a Bedouin tent, taste Arabic coffee as and enjoy henna painting and hookah.
Lions, tigers, elephants. Take a safari that’s like watching the NatGeo channel—but only IRL.
Ancient temples, floating markets, giant Buddha’s—Bangkok is a mix of old and new, and topped with awesome.
Walk through the amazing ancient city of Angkor Thom, the last capital of the Khmer empire (the former empire that encompassed much of Southeast Asia).
Lounge in the sun on a white sand beach and swim with the fishes (in a non-scary way) as you snorkel in crystal-clear water.
Part beach time, part monkey time. Relax on the beach with hundreds of monkeys lining the sand and cliffs, hoping you’ll toss them a banana.
Part ancient temples and traditions, part bowing wars and cuddle cafes—Japan is the place to experience some beautiful and unexpected stuff.
Perfect that Australian accent by saying “soy weed” (so weird) and head down under for beautiful ocean views and Mother Nature at her finest.
One date. 30 travelers, will you be on the plane departing June 6th, 2018?


Some of the amazing things you'll do.

Become best friends with a lion or a rhino on an African Safari

Walk across the world’s busiest crosswalk at Shibuya, the Times Square of Tokyo

Feel on top of the world as you and Christ the Redeemer (AKA giant Jesus) look down on the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro

Watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night with a glass (or box) of wine in the Champ de Mars

Head to Dubai and hop aboard a Land Rover 4x4 for an adrenaline pumping, desert safari through the sand dunes

Watch surfers glide across the water in Sydney until you build up the courage to try it yourself


Everything you need. And then some.

Around the world airfare

Rock star Tour Director

Daily local breakfasts

Guided sightseeing

A group of other awesome travelers like you

Easy and interest-free payment plans

Only 30 travelers have the chance to go on this epic adventure. Will you be one?

Ultimate Earth Sweepstakes

Enter by October 31st to win a trip around the world.