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Identity and international travel

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Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

Travel opens doors that should be equally accessible by people of every race, gender, and sexual identity. We are committed to ensuring that our trips are welcome environments for all travelers 18–35.

Social identity resources for travelers

It’s our job to make travel easy, and a part of that is always having your back. Here are some resources for your time on the road with us.

Dietary concerns

One of the best things about travel is eating—obviously. But for people with dietary constraints or food allergies, eating on a trip can require a bit of extra planning. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Plan in advance, share your dietary needs with both your group and your Tour Director before your trip begins. You can even share these concerns with us in your online account! Chances are, your Tour Director will also reach out for this info so they can be prepared.
  • Create a food translation card in the language local to where you’re traveling. This is such an easy way to communicate without needing to learn a bunch of new words and phrases. Pro tip: Don’t forget to include details on how the food is prepared!
  • Ask someone you trust if they’d be willing to administer medication or communicate with medical staff on your behalf (juuuuust in case).

Other things to do before you travel:

  • Connect with your doctor about getting a medical bracelet explaining your dietary issues
  • Prepare and pack any necessary medications

Want more tips? We got you:

Disability and accessibility

We’re here to discuss any specific accommodations that travelers with limited mobility or other disabilities may need. Each destination poses its own unique challenges, and we want to help set the right expectations before you travel. Let’s work through it together to find a solution that’s right for you.

We found some super-helpful resources that’ll be useful as you research and prepare for travel. Keep in mind that group travel with Ultimate Break will be a bit different than the personal travel you may be used to.

First-generation travelers

Traveling abroad as a first-generation traveler can be intimidating. But you’re not alone—we’re here to support you every step of the way. We’ve helped so many people explore the world for the first time and are standing by to do the same for you.

The 3rd Annual First-Time Traveler Scholarship will be announced shortly - check back soon!

Want more tips? We got you:

Gender and sexuality

LGBTQ+ travelers may face a unique set of challenges and experiences when traveling abroad. You may find that attitudes and laws differ internationally, and we recommend researching each of your destinations so you know what to expect. Start here:

Mental health and self-care

Let’s face it, preparing to travel abroad can be equal parts exciting and stressful. We take this seriously, and are always here to support your mental-health and self-care needs. Click around a bit for some useful info on how to take on adventure while staying in the right head space.

Try journaling before your trip begins.  Here are two prompts to get you started:

  • Sometimes things are outside of your control—in daily life and in travel—but it’s important to remember there are always small things you can control. Write two lists, one of things you can control while traveling, and another of the things you can’t.
  • Describe your emotions with as much detail as possible by using this list. Research has found that a better emotional vocabulary can help you identify, work with, and regulate your emotions.

Plus-size travelers

We recognize that our plus-size travelers may have concerns regarding their experience traveling abroad. Of course, we want you to feel safe and comfortable in every space, so we collected a few resources to help you prepare for travel.

Race, ethnicity, and nationality

So many travelers tell us that their favorite thing about travel is connecting with people from different cultures, backgrounds, perspectives, and ethnicities. Before you travel, it might make you more comfortable to understand how your race and identity will be perceived in the context of your destination(s). Dive in:

Religion and spirituality

In many places, religion and culture go hand in hand. So when you explore the world, you can expect to learn about the popular belief systems of your destination(s). Before traveling, you might want to do some research. Will you be part of a religious minority or majority? How tolerant is your destination of diverse beliefs? You may even want to visit a place of worship.

Here are a couple of resources to help you prepare:


Like many other identities, it is important to reflect upon how your veteran or active military status will impact your experience abroad. Some questions to consider before traveling are: How is the military viewed in the country I am traveling to? How will that affect my experience as I learn about the people and culture in the places I’m visiting?

While these resources were selected with care, EF Ultimate Break does not assume responsibility for the organizations whose links appear above, and cannot ensure the accuracy of the included information.

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Accessibility and Self-Advocacy While Traveling as a Deaf Person

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