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Get tapped into travel

Download our new app to meet your soon-to-be travel BFFs, make payments from your bed, and keep track of your flights and accommodations like a grown up. This is way better than scrolling TikTok for the 10-billionth time today.

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Get ready for IRL adventures
  • Meet the other travelers booked on your tour
  • Chat with your group—ask Q’s and give A’s
  • Customize your trip with optional excursions
  • Make payments and feel like a responsible adult
  • Get notifications from your Trip Consultant
Obsess over your next trip

Stop swiping left on dating apps and kill time daydreaming about travel instead.

  • Prepare for adventure with our Know Before You Go guides
  • Create your profile so your travel friends can lurk
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Stay linked from anywhere

All your on-tour details are in one place, so staying organized is silly simple.

  • View your flights, accommodations, and itinerary—even without WiFi
  • Use the global-currency converter bc math is hard
  • Post pics to a shared album with your group
  • Access your tour evaluation and submit reviews
Download 👏 the 👏 app 👏

It’s v easy. Search for EF Ultimate Break in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and get it now for free.

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