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At times our Trip Consultants are experiencing high call volume which may result in wait times. If you’re trying to get in touch with us, here’s how:


If you’re booking a trip or scheduled to travel in the next 60 days and have questions, call us.

Monday–Thursday, 9am–7pm ET
Friday, 9am–5:30pm ET


If you’re looking for a fast response to a general question or are scheduled to travel outside of the next 60 days, chat with us.


How do I use a future travel voucher?
If you can see your voucher in your online account, you can apply it during the usual booking process . If your voucher isn’t visible, give us a call at 800-766-2645 and we’ll help you book your trip and apply the voucher.

Future travel vouchers issued in 2020 or 2021 can be applied to any trip leaving before 9/30/2024. Just book a trip like you usually would and then start a chat on our website to apply the voucher to your order.

How do I find entry requirements for my trip?
Go to your online account, go to your trip, and then select entry requirements.

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