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From 3 to 70: Assembling the Ultimate Sorority Bonding Experience in Greece

How three best friends turned an initial travel disappointment into the opportunity of a lifetime and recruited 70 sisters to go to Greece.

By EF Ultimate Break

It all started in Hawaii

During her freshman year of college, Maya was empowered by a group of her sisters to sign up for an EF Ultimate Break Greeks Go Global trip and fulfill her dream of traveling abroad. She excitedly anticipated her trip to Greece for a year and a half, refining her packing list and researching all the best gyro spots. As she was gearing up to depart, a global pandemic shut down travel, and it seemed like Greece was far out of reach. As the following May approached, it became clear that Greece would probably not be open in time to accommodate them…AGAIN. But hey, sometimes, the best opportunities grow from the biggest disappointments.

“I had been waiting a long time for the trip," said Maya. "It felt defeating to know that we couldn’t go again but communicating about alternative destinations with our EF rep was super helpful! Hawaii seemed like a great option because of the tropical nature and the opportunity to still travel with my best friend."

Maya and her two closest friends, Clare and Morgan, set out to fly from Ohio to Kona, Hawaii for what was about to be the trip of a lifetime. They joined a group of 24 women from around the US and spent nine days snorkeling tropical waters, hiking volcanos, ziplining through rainforests, and immersing themselves in the culture and energy of the Big Island.

“EF does a fabulous job mixing in the culture of the place you are visiting and then balancing free time and fun time," says Clare. "But what I appreciate most about this trip is getting to meet so many women from other parts of the country who quickly became some of my best friends."

Leading the charge to Greece—with an army of 70!

As they spoke with other women on the Hawaii trip, they felt compelled to keep their dreams of going to Greece alive. "A lot of the girls we made friends with on tour had already been on the Greece trip and they told us to book it without hesitation, which helped us feel like we were making the right decision," said Morgan as she reflected on their decision to revive the Greece trip for their sisters when they got home.

"Knowing the experience we had in Hawaii and how close we all got, I think it’s going to be even more amazing to get to lead these women on our own trip to another country. We are all in different organizations and we can’t wait to see how this bonds women from across our campus."

Since their return from Hawaii, the three girls have worked tirelessly to spread the word about their new Greece trip. They have recruited over 70 women from across campus for what is sure to be the most epic Greece trip Ohio has ever seen!

Not to mention, they've each earned free spots on the Greece trip through their hard work and success of recruiting so many other sisters—just one of the perks for travel-obsessed college students who become EF Ultimate Break Sorority Coordinators!

"Being the heart of the group and getting to make these connections with 70 women from around our school is a really unique experience, and I think it will speak to how incredible our Greek life community is and inspire other women to do this together in the future," says Maya.

For a chance to start something truly life-changing for you and your sisters (and friends or alumnae!), read more about becoming an EF Ultimate Break Sorority Coordinator.

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