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Bop Around the World Booze-Free with These 10 Nonalcoholic Drinks

Trying to detox after the holidays? Maybe you’re sober or booze just isn’t your thing? No need to worry! Check out these popular zero ABV drinks to wet your whistle while you travel sober.

Mike Galvin
Team Lead, Customer Service
January 5, 2024

Group travel can be quite the party. I mean, with a dozen of your newest friends living it up in a new place, how could it not be?! While nightclubs, cocktail bars, and pubs are on many travelers’ must-do lists, drinking culture might not be everyone’s cup of Long Island iced tea. There’s nothing wrong with that—there are so many reasons why people don’t drink. Whether you live a sober lifestyle or you’re just trying to rein things back in after overdoing it during the holidays, our travelers have the inside scoop on what to drink for sober travel during Dry January and beyond.

Inca Kola, Peru

Don’t let the name fool you—this isn’t your normal cola. Nicknamed “champagne cola” because of its golden color and bubbly fizz, Inca Kola is a staple in South American countries like Peru and Argentina. It has a unique taste—some say it tastes like sweet pineapple, while some say it’s giving bubble gum. The flavor may be hard to describe, but our Trip Specialist Jazzy says it tastes “like gold in your mouth.” Can’t beat that.

Mint lemonade, Jordan

Nothing beats the heat on a hot day in the desert like a crisp lemonade, except maybe one that’s chock full of tons of fresh mint. People in Jordan and Israel love sipping on this bright treat full of real lemon juice, mint, and sugar cane. No shade to lemonade back home, but this all-natural drink should be your newest hot-weather obsession.

Orange Fanta, Italy

Don’t you wanna Fanta? You may be surprised to learn that the orange flavor of this popular soda originated in Italy. It’s all the rage in Europe, and for good reason. Travelers report that European Orange Fanta just hits different—its sugar cane sweetener makes it go down smooth without giving you that high-fructose-corn-syrup ick. Plus, drinking an orange soda brings out everyone’s inner kid. You can find it everywhere too, so while your friends are sipping Aperol Spritzes at happy hour, you can raise a glass alongside them with your own fizzy orange treat.

Mango Lassi, India

It’s like a smoothie…but better. This sweet treat is a great way to cool off in the hot and humid Indian climate, which is necessary for any traveler, sober or not. This delicious blend of fresh mango and yogurt is finished off with a little cardamom and honey. Grab one of these golden sippers next time you’re making your way through the Golden Triangle—you won’t be disappointed.

Vietnamese coffee, Vietnam

Looking for a little extra pep in your step to get you through those long tour days? Well, if you find yourself in Vietnam, you gotta try the local coffee. Served hot or iced, the real distinction from other popular coffee beverages is its use of sweetened condensed milk. Grab a Vietnamese iced coffee before heading out for a night of clubbing—it’ll def give you the energy to keep up with all your friends while you have a sober night on the town. Our Brand Ambassador Xianna says, “clubbing without drinking is just an elongated Zumba class,” so make sure you’re fueled up.

Appelsin, Iceland

Ok we know, this is the second orange soda on our list, but according to Brand Ambassador Jenny, Appelsin is “elite to Fanta.” High praise, if you ask us. What makes Appelsin so great though? It somehow tastes more like orange than Fanta, without tasting like orange at all—an enigma that feels uniquely Icelandic. If you’re a fan of fizz, a small bottle of Appelsin is the drink for you.

Yerba Mate, Argentina

This kind of tea, made from ground herbs, has kind of a polarizing flavor. If you’re not a fan of bitter bevs, this actually might not be your cup of tea. But the thing about mate is that it’s much more about the social ritual of drinking it than it is about the drink itself. So, if you’re not looking to bond over a pint or a shot, having some mate is a nice way to gather your friends around for a drink.

Agua Fresca, Mexico

Agua fresca literally means “fresh water,” so yeah, you could say it’s pretty refreshing. You’ll find giant jugs of these colorful juices on street corners and markets all over Latin America. These refreshers come in every flavor under the sun, from the usual fruits like watermelon and strawberry, to more taste bud-twisting flavors like tamarind and Jamaica, aka hibiscus. If you order an agua fresca at a restaurant, your drink will probably out-Instagram your bestie’s cocktail.

Sobia, Egypt

Sobia is like an Egyptian milkshake, made with coconut milk, blended rice, vanilla, and sugar. We know a milkshake in the desert sounds like a recipe for a wavy stomach, but trust, this dairy-free coconut milk is actually super hydrating and soothing, making it a go-to for tons of tired tourists after a long day in the heat. Traditionally a sweet treat to end a day of fasting during Ramadan, Sobia is enjoyed by Egyptian children and adults alike.

Ginger beer, Anywhere

You might be familiar with ginger beer as an ingredient in the popular cocktail, the Moscow Mule, but have you ever tried it on its own? It’s intense fizz and strong ginger flavor tastes like ginger ale—but in cursive. You can sip it over ice or ask your bartender to make a ginger beer mocktail. Take our Brand Ambassador Stephanie’s advice: “When asking for a mocktail, bartenders add extra garnish to make my drink pretty for all the Boomerangs so I didn’t feel left out of the ‘pretty cocktail club.’”

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