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Pubs: crawling
Castles: sprawling
You: oohing and aahing

Ireland Travel Guide

Whether you’re a nature junkie, all about that #PubLife, or a diehard music fan—you won’t need the luck of the Irish to find a reason to love Ireland.

Awaken your sense of awe

If you look up “beautiful” in the dictionary and don’t see anything about Ireland, you might need a new dictionary. The appropriately nicknamed “Emerald Isle” is home to some of the world’s most stunning natural landscapes that’ll make even the fussiest homebody eager to visit. From biking your way around the Dingle Peninsula, trekking along the Cliffs of Moher, and hiking up the famous Carrauntoohil, to gazing out into the rolling green pastures that dominate much of Ireland’s landscape—you’re guaranteed to find something that will leave you speechless.

Go on the lash with the lads and the lasses

That’s Irish slang for going out drinking with your friends. Irish vernacular is chock-full of unique expressions; and a few nights out at the pubs will have you talking like a bona fide Galway girl (or boy) in no time. Ireland’s famous pub culture represents the perfect juxtaposition of rich history and youthful energy. Our Irish Tour Directors often describe their pubs as “living museums,” so get there early before things get jammers (crowded) and explore a bit. Then, stick around to enjoy some live music and hang with the locals. Regardless of where you end up, an Irish pub crawl is always a great craic (good time). Just be sure to get a good bangers and mash dinner in you before you start hitting the Guinness, or you’ll probably wake up in tatters (hungover).

Music makes the Emerald go ‘round

Live music and Irish life are inextricably linked. Take an evening stroll down any main street in Dublin, Galway, Killarney—anywhere—and let your ears lead the way. You’ll end up finding a nearby pub or busker (street performer) who will have you singing along in no time. Break out your Ghillies (Irish dance shoes) and challenge your friends to an all-night dance-off, or simply enjoy a meal accompanied by some Irish trad. Either way, you might head home with a new favorite song.

Best St. Paddy’s Day ever

Does your annual countdown to St. Patrick’s Day (or Paddy’s Day as they call it in Ireland) start on March 18th? Consider giving your next celebration the ultimate upgrade by visiting the island that started it all. St Paddy’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival—a tidbit that might leave some wondering how such a small country has such an international cultural influence. Spend St. Paddy’s Day in Ireland just once, and you’ll have your answer. Whether the excitement of Dublin’s carnival-style parade outside Temple Bar is your scene, or the smaller, “local” feel of Galway’s festival is more up your cobblestone alley, you’re sure to find an experience that will leave your inner Irishman step dancing with joy.

Experience Ireland

Where hiking shoes turn into dancing-at-the-pub shoes turn into hiking shoes.


Crush your daily steps goal and say things like “these views are bang on.”

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Experience the struggle of ocean against rock at the Cliffs of Moher


Castles. Lots of castles.

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Tour the 600-year-old Blarney Castle & Gardens

Craic (good times)

Fact: Irish bliss starts with Guinness.

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Pour the perfect pint at the Guinness Storehouse

Flights. Accommodations. Activities. Rockstar Tour Director that knows which pub has the coldest Guinness.

This is group travel with EF Ultimate Break. Expertly crafted itineraries, everything included. We keep your stress levels low and holy-s#!t-that-was-awesome levels high.


Language: English
Currency: Euro
Color: Green. So much green.
Capital: Dublin
Must See: Cliffs of Moher
Highest Mountain: Carrauntoohil
Cutest Encounter: Sheep
Dance to: Live Irish music
Drink to: Live Irish music
Hangover Cure: Live Irish music—kidding. Obviously it’s a full Irish breakfast.


Bang on: Meaning you’re right or accurate
Black stuff: Guinness
Brutal: Meaning awful or dreadful
Craic: Pronounced like crack; good times
Deadly or savage: Fantastic or great
Knackered or shattered: Exhausted
Langers: Drunk
Wired to the moon: A little hungover and three cups of coffee before 9:00am? You’re wired to the moon.
Take the piss: To mock, tease, or poke fun

Eat like a local

Don’t get it twisted, bangers and mash are a must. But there’s a whole lot of Irish food you’ve got to try.

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Irish Stew

Ireland’s most famous dish of meat, potatoes, onions, parsley, carrots & more.

Best ways to visit Ireland

Every way’s a good way to see Ireland, but we’ve kind of perfected it.

Grand Tour of Ireland

9 days. 4 cities. Views worth leaving the pub for.

Active Ireland

12 days. 5 cities. Fresh air meets fresher pints.