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Travel for free as a Campus Ambassador

Want to earn free travel, get sweet perks, and promote epic trips around the world between classes?

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Who you are

A travel-obsessed college student who partners with us to spread the word about our amazing trips.

The friend or classmate who has a running spreadsheet of travel recs, hidden gems, and packing tips.

Someone who loves being active in campus life—clubs, community service, Quidditch team, etc.

A social media maven who knows how to keep their followers coming back for more.

How it works

We’re the #1 way for college students to travel. With 120+ trips around the world, we handle everything from flights to food to effing awesome local guides. Just pick where you’re going and...go.

A group of women smiling and posing for a photo in brightly colored jackets standing on top of a rainbow painted road in the middle of a town

Sit tight while we review your application (and make sure your social accounts are public!)

Once approved, earn a free trip by getting people to book with your unique promo code

Not your usual campus ambassador program

Recruit friends, travel for FREE. Seriously.

Up your game with monthly Ultimate Classes

AMA: A Career in Social Media

A YouTube crash course w/ @emmaatopp

How to become a travel influencer


Get the word out. See the world.

It’s simple: Get 15 people to use your unique $100-off promo code, and your next trip is free. Plus, you’ll be eligible for Ambassador-only retreats and trip discounts.

What we’re all about

The best way to travel for anyone 18–35.

So. Many. Trips.

We’ve got 120+ adventures for all kinds of travelers. All over the world.

Everything included

We handle it all: accommodations, planned activities (plus free time!), a rockstar Tour Director—and that’s just the beginning.

Payment plans

Taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip shouldn’t be a financial burden. That’s why we let you pay over time. No interest, no fees, no drama.

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