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We’ve been putting our travelers’ safety first since our founding in 1965. Our industry-leading approach to safe travel provides unmatched global support, planning, and expertise, so everyone feels empowered to explore the world.

Our safety approach

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Rules of the road

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Tour Director & local staff

Our local staff, including your expert Tour Director, are excited to welcome you abroad and are well-versed to explain guidelines in the destinations you are traveling to. Our team of Tour Directors and EF Global Emergency Support team are fully trained and prepared to assist our travelers, ensuring they have an amazing and safe experience abroad.

The EF Advantage

From our EF Global Safety Network to our crisis response team, we lead the way in safety and support. Our experts constantly review national and international travel guidelines to ensure your trip will meet our rigorous safety—and satisfaction—standards. We’re always there when you need us with:

  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Full-time trained Tour Director
  • Regular quality and safety checks to ensure hotels and hostels are meeting our standards
  • 50,000 EF staff on the ground to support you in 50 countries
  • 55+ years of experience supporting travelers on tour

The benefit of group travel

You may book alone, but you’ll never be alone. You have a whole community looking out for you, because with group travel you get that added layer of safety. Whether you’re bringing old friends or making new friends, (don’t forget your Tour Director), there is always someone available to help—many groups say they even feel like family away from home. Check out our blog on how we combine the best aspects of solo and group travel all in one.

Starting to get excited? See everything we include on our trips so you know exactly what to expect.

“As a first time solo traveler I felt safe and looked after while on my EF trip. I always had support and guidance in everything that I was doing especially on airport pick up and airport drop off. My tour directors were super helpful and always made sure I in the rest of the group knew what was happening so that we could prepare ahead of time.”

Krystal, traveled on Bali: Tropical Escape

Learn more about our safety approach to current events, rules of the road, on-tour support, and more here.

On a group trip, every traveler plays a part in creating a safe and inclusive environment. We expect you to follow the guidelines below on all EF Ultimate Break trips—failure to do so may result in your removal from tour. And nobody wants that, do they?

Treat the people you meet along the way with respect.

  • Be kind to fellow travelers, Tour Directors, and hospitality staff
  • Recognize that you’re a visitor—someone calls this place home
  • Consider the impact of your words and actions

Embrace differences and find common ground.

  • Be curious
  • Be open-minded, listen to new ideas and perspectives
  • Respect other cultures and traditions

Think of the group.

  • Be on time to keep things running smoothly
  • Pay attention to your Tour Director—they’re the travel pro, after all
  • Speak up if a problem or health issue arises (edit

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in your removal from tour. Our goal is to keep our travelers safe. Please report harassment or violence to the Tour Director or the On-Tour Support Team. Thanks for reading these guidelines and making your trip a safe, memorable experience for everyone.

You can review our full terms and conditions here.

Learn more about our safety approach.

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