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Where we stay

Our trip accommodations are a mix of boutique hostels and standard hotels, always located in safe and convenient areas.

Standard trips

Stay in a mix of classic hotels and comfortable hostels.

The majority of our trips fall into this category. Travelers will stay at both hotels and hostels (think: cool shared spaces, strong communal vibes, and often situated in the heart of the destination)—all with the basic amenities you’re used to at home. You'll room with as many as 4-5 new travel BFFs from your group, and whether a hotel or hostel, you'll always have en suite bathrooms.

ibis Styles Hotel London, England
Trip: Rome, Paris & London →

Generator Hostel Paris, France
Trip: Ultimate Europe →

Backpacker style trips

Stay in authentic, trendy hostels on fast-paced, multi-country tours.

Beginning in October 2021, we have three backpacker style trips—Ultimate Europe, Grand Tour of Europe, and Highlights of Europe—all of which are 24 days or longer. (Don't worry, you aren't actually backpacking anywhere.) On these trips, you'll stay only at hostels and you'll share a room with 4-5 people from your group. Our curated hostels offer a fun atmosphere with sweet common areas and outdoor spaces. Bathrooms are commonly shared, but gender-specific.

Ultimate Plus trips

3-4-star hotels with only one roommate.

Want to stay exclusively at 3–4-star hotels with only one roommate throughout the entire trip? Upgrade to Ultimate Plus. It's perfect for friends booking together, couples, or anyone that appreciates just a little more privacy. Oh, and you'll get extra meals included throughout the trip at local restaurants. Many of our standard trips are also offered as Ultimate Plus. Just look for the star!

The Moxy Paris, France
Trip: Amsterdam, Paris & London: Ultimate Plus →

Sample standard and backpacker style accommodations around the globe

Generator Paris