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Feel fancy AF on Ultimate Plus upgraded trips

In 2020 we are traveling in style #sorrynotsorry. 3-4 star hotels only. Extra included dinners. No more than one roommate. Find your life of luxury below.

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Venice, Florence & Rome

10 days. 3 cities. 1 spicy meatball.

Pros: chances to eat gelato at the Colosseum, near the statue of David, while a Venetian gondolier sings to you, etc.

Cons: wishing for more wishes at Trevi Fountain may not come true (but try it anyway).

Amsterdam, Paris & London

10 days. 3 cities. Do it for the Amster-gram.

Pros: Eiffel Tower picnics, British pub crawls, and Dutch canal adventures aplenty.

Cons: choosing between Nutella crepes and OG lemon & sugar crepes is a Parisian dilemma as old as time.

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Highlights of Morocco

11 days. 5 cities. Marrakesh you later.

Pros: swimming after a day in the Sahara, haggling your way thru the markets, eating all. Of. The. Couscous.

Cons: needing to buy new socks after this trip Morocc’s them off.

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