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July 20, 2017 | Travel Tips

11 travel tips to make your life easier abroad

By Morgan M.

Whether you’re traveling abroad for the first or 100th time, packing, planning and adjusting to new cultures can be stressful. These 11 hacks are here to make your life, and your travels, easier.

1. Thinking about bringing two suitcases? Think again. You’ll thank yourself when you’re free from lugging around a ton of bags.

2. Talk to the locals. They’re pretty cool and probably have suggestions and tips you can’t find in a guide book.

3. Google is your best travel friend! Search your destination’s weather, customs and etiquette before you accidentally offend an entire nation.

4. Everyone loves a good throwback, but unless you’re going full-hipster, leave the traveler’s checks at home. Instead, use your debit card at ATMs for the best exchange rates.

5. Bring a camera. This may go without saying, but you are going to have some holy $#*@ moments you’ll want to capture. Invest in a waterproof phone case to photograph any aquatic adventures….and in case you drop your phone in the toilet.

6. Put dryer sheets in your suitcase to reduce static and make your clothes smell awesome, so you'll be the freshest traveler around, literally.

7. Pro packing tip: roll your clothes instead of folding to maximize packing space. Plus, it reduces wrinkles. Win-win!

8. Knots in headphones are the bane of everyone’s existence. Store headphones, chargers and other cords in a glasses case to keep from getting tangled.

9. Save moo-lah—and the world—by packing a refillable water bottle rather than buying a new one every time you’re thirsty.

10. Not a bajillionaire? Same. Turn off data roaming before you travel to avoid an expensive phone bill. You can still use WiFi on airplane mode; if you’re out of WiFi range, you shouldn’t be on your phone to begin with.

11. Bring a set of ear plugs. Your roomie might snore, you could end up sit next to a crying baby on the plane, and sometimes it's nice to just zone out. These little guys are your ticket to serenity.

Photo by traveler Elyse Garner

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