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How Much Is a Trip to Japan? Priceless.

But seriously, our four all-inclusive Japan trips range from under $1500 (without flights) for a City Experience to just under $4500 for an extended trip around the country (with flights). Here’s a look at our four Japan trips—including one that dips into South Korea, too—and how much each costs.

by EF Ultimate Break
Updated January 26, 2024

"Japan" text over traditional Japanese artwork depicting dragons.

So you’re thinking about booking a trip to Japan. Umm yes, highly recommend. Japan is an unbelievable country, rich with history, culture, and seemingly infinite ramen. But you’re here because you already know all that, and you’re ready to talk price. So, how much is a trip to Japan? Let’s get into it.

The cost of a trip to Japan depends on length, how many cities you visit, and what you do when you’re there. The good news is, EF Ultimate Break offers four trips to Japan, so no matter your budget, we’ve got something for you. Plus, our clutch payment plans (including interest-free options) make it easy for you to pay when and how you want. Cha ching!

An overhead view of Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo.


Tokyo: City Experience
8 days, 1 city

On our most cost-effective Japan trip, you’ll find yourself totally immersed in Tokyo—the biggest city in the world. Shop your way through Harajuku, bop your way through the crowds of Shibuya, and pop bite after bite of the best sushi on Earth as you explore Tokyo’s modern side. Then, visit ancient and sacred sites like the Sensoji Temple and Meiji Shrine. Oh, and Mt. Fuji? Yeah, you’ll see that too. And believe us when we say that Japan’s highest peak is an absolute stunner. This is an introduction to Japan, a deep dive into Tokyo, and an experience unlike any other—all for a price that meets your needs.


Japan: Tokyo & Beyond
9 days, 4 cities

If you want to know the top three must-see destinations in Japan, look no further than this trip. It all starts in Tokyo—and when you get there you’ll understand why. The home to more people than anywhere else, more Michelin Star restaurants than anywhere else, and more “is this real life?” moments than anywhere else, Tokyo is the perfect introduction to the Japanese way of life. Then it’s off to Kyoto and Osaka, two cities that blend the pace and style of the modern-day with the beauty and serenity of way back when. Simply put, this is bucket-list Japan at a budget-friendly price.

Historic Osaka Castle in Osaka, Japan.

Japan & South Korea Getaway
12 days, 3 cities

From Tokyo to Gyeongju to Seoul, this trip’s for the person looking to rewrite their bucket list in one fell swoop. On this trip, you’ll explore palaces and temples, slurp all of the noodles, and soak up the city streets painted in neon. On a trip to Japan and South Korea, you’ll discover exactly why these two cultures are trending worldwide, and why their pasts are just as compelling as the present. And when you head to the Far East with EF Ultimate Break, we include everything—it’s our way of making sure the memories are big, and the cost is anything but.

An ancient temple overlooking a Japanese city.


Highlights of Japan
14 days, 6 cities

What can you do over two weeks in Japan? I meaaan…what can’t you do? Like, you’ll explore two of the biggest cities in the world—Tokyo and Osaka. You’ll snap photos at iconic sites like the Fushimi Inari Shrine and Mt. Fuji. Your mind will be blown by the staggering number of vending machines, and your tastebuds will be blown away by the udon and tempura. Ever spent the night in a Buddhist monastery? Probably not, but you will. This is history, culture, food, and way, way more. And by way, way more, we mean the things to do and see are endless. And with so much included, the price is very, very right.

The busy, neon streets of Tokyo, Japan.

Now that we’ve talked about the cost of a trip to Japan and the options EF Ultimate Break has to offer, it’s time to start planning. Before you do, here are a couple of things you should remember. You can book your own flights, but if we handle it, we're able to offer you flights to Japan round trip at the best possible prices. Speaking of prices—we’ve got plenty of payment plan options to suit your personal needs. Remember, the earlier you book, the lower your monthly payment. Okay, now you’re really ready to start planning. See you out there!

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Highlights of Japan

14 days, 6 cities
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