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Sun's out, fun's out on beachy trips

Is there a better 1-2 punch than a morning of exploring ancient ruins or a quaint tropical village followed by an afternoon of sunbathing with the locals? No, there is not. The sound of waves crashing is the same in every language, after all. Find your ideal beachy trip below.

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Thailand: Island Paradise

22 days. 7 cities. Buddha-approved.

Pros: island cruises, famous rum buckets, midnight beach dance parties.

Cons: there is absolutely such a thing as too spicy when it comes to street noodles.

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The Greek Islands

11 days. 4 cities. All of the feta.

Pros: ancient Athens, spectacular Santorini, marvelous Myknonos.

Cons: your mom would like you to wait an hour after your last gyro before you swim.

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Ibiza, Barcelona & Valencia

10 days. 3 cities. Sun-kissed everything.

Pros: 3 words: Catamaran. Party. Cruise.

Cons: The world’s best nightlife requires world-class arch support for your dancing shoes.

Hit the beach on these sun-drenched trips

White buildings with a bright blue dome on top situated at the edge of a hill overlooking the calm ocean with other islands in the background

The Greek Islands

11 days, 4 cities
Save up to $600

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