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Have an epic odyssey on a long trip

Got a month off between semesters? Have two weeks while you switch jobs? There’s literally no better experience to fill that time with than travel. Stay for a good time and a long time with our longer trips.

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Ultimate Europe

35 days. 14 cities. 8 different languages.

Pros: our most popular long trip, see the whole freakin’ continent from London & Paris to the Swiss Alps and Greece.

Cons: likely to make you into someone who starts sentences with “during my month in Europe…”

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European Roadtrip

17 days. 7 cities. Vroom vroom—but in Italian.

Pros: a shorter and sweeter way to see all the big hits: the Eiffel Tower, the Swiss Alps, the Colosseum, and so much more.

Cons: no need to bring your special leather road trip driving gloves, we include a private deluxe motorcoach to take you around the continent.

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European Summer

35 days. 15 cities. Beaches & baklava.

Pros: beating the summer heat in the Mediterranean, dancing in Ibiza, lounging on the same beaches as the rich & famous.

Cons: we’ve yet to invent a waterproof pouch that lets you take your crepes swimming with you.

These trips will make you never want to come home

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Grand Tour of Europe

30 days, 12 cities
Save up to $450
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