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February 28, 2018 | Destinations

Out of Office: Germany, Italy & Switzerland

By Kaitlyn B.

We like to travel here. So when Kaitlyn, an awesome PR Coordinator here at EF, got back from her trip, we immediately had to ask (AKA interrogate) her about her travels in Germany, Italy & Switzerland. She gave us the inside scoop on which city has the cleanest bathrooms, shared some stories about her rock star Tour Director, and made us want to hop on the next flight to any of these three countries.

Name: Kaitlyn

Trip: Germany, Italy & Switzerland

Tour Director: Gianna (AKA Mama G). She found us a surprise in every city. In Munich, she got us all pretzels. In Venice she organized a gondola ride for us, and when it ended she was waiting with champagne.

Best thing you drank: The beer in Munich.

Selfie sticks: genius or horrendous?: Horrendous

Favorite moment that happened on the bus: Mama G would take the mic and just talk. She would tell us her American dreams. She wants to stay in a motel, and eat a s’more, for example.

City with the cleanest bathrooms: Lucerne. They had the cleanest everything!

Favorite travel hack: I try to pack an outfit for each day and be thoughtful that all the pieces go together.

Most helpful travel app: WhatsApp. It was so helpful to keep track of everyone in our big group message.

Peanuts or pretzels?: Peanuts

Germany, Italy & Switzerland

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Germany, Italy & Switzerland

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