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Ultimate Break Tour Directors Guess Gen Z Slang Terms

Gen Z slang can be tough to keep up with. We put three Ultimate Break Tour Directors to the test.

Chris Abell
Associate Director of Content
February 23, 2023

three young people in animated discussion

Ultimate Break Tour Directors (TDs) are our secret sauce. They're the ones who make your travel experience unique and unforgettable. They’re the local experts and people-loving guides who show you the very best of your destination. Peep how many Ultimate Break reviews give TDs love.

They know the ins and outs of the travel game, but that doesn’t mean they always know the exact meaning of the latest American slang. Delulu? Ate? Rizz? Slay? We put three of our favorite TDs — Laura, Dario, and Victor — to the test, and the results were so hilarious you might have a menty b.

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About the Author

Chris Abell is the Associate Director, Content for EF Ultimate Break. While he’s technically a millennial, the team at Ultimate Break is always making sure he keeps up to date on the latest Gen Z slang, fashion, and trends. But he doesn’t always get it.

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