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September 22, 2022 | Opinion

How group travel makes you a more independent woman

By Reid F.

Before we begin, let me state, that in full disclosure, I am, in fact, a man. And thus, wholly unqualified to shed light on this subject from personal experience.

So for that reason, we went to the experts and surveyed over 100 female travelers on their experiences.

What we found was that traveling in a group makes you a more independent woman. Here’s why:

Tuscany c/o Dayontrese Boatwright

Group travel is the cocoon that makes you a social butterfly

Traveling with a group requires breaking the ice.

“Experiencing new places together allows strangers to open up and be their genuine selves without the fear of judgment.” —Leah D.

“Travel lets you connect with strangers in a way that’s not as accessible in daily life.” —Meg O.

Cliffs of Moher c/o Elizabeth C.

Group travel helps you figure out who you are. Like, who you reaaally are

“Traveling with others gives you context to better know yourself.” —Izze S.

“You may even find that you’re more similar to others than you previously thought. I recently traveled to Greece with 18 girls from Mississippi and Alabama. I have never spent time in the South and I had a preconceived notion of what Southern culture was. I have never adored 18 people so much.” —Hannah H.

“Travel made me more passionate to be nobody else but myself!” —Mary T.

Greek Islands c/o Hannah Lampman

Group travel helps you to kick ass in all aspects of life, especially relationships

“It’s the ultimate exercise in empathy: being able to experience another culture and see how other people experience life differently than you do.” —Ali C.

“I think traveling helps you to get outside your own head and consider others more easily. It reminds you that life is bigger than what you experience everyday. In relationships, I think it’s helped me put myself in other people’s shoes and imagine how their life and their culture influences —Elyse G.

Switzerland c/o Julia L.

Go out and do it!

For women contemplating taking the bold step of seeing the world, Courtney G. offers this advice: “Do it. Don’t think twice. Prepare yourself, make a list of what you must see, be flexible when traveling and allow yourself to be inspired by the ideas recommended by those in your group and the stories they have to share.”

“Always chase the sunset. Be bold. Be adventurous. And be free.” —Brooke M.

So take a trip. Travel together and surprise yourself by the individual you become.

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