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If Characters from Oscar-Nominated Movies Went on Ultimate Break Trips

Because aren't you just dying to know where an animated protagonist with flames for a head would go on vacation?

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Emma Lifvergren
March 7, 2024

The greatest night in film, the Academy Awards—also the night where I judge the red carpet looks of wealthy strangers from my couch while eating Thai food in sweats—is coming up. I obviously had to match up our trips to some of the characters from Oscar-nominated flicks, so if you were wondering where in the world Leonard Bernstein would go if he were a chronically online 24-year-old, you've come to the right place.

An aerial view of the Eiffel Tower and streets and buildings of Paris at dusk.

Barbie, Barbie

London & Paris Escape

Barbie is a woman of the world—she can be anything! Jaunty berets, a sparkling Eiffel Tower, and dinners at Sketch are v Barbie. And tbh I think she just needs to be Ken-free.

A white-sand beach with colorful kayaks, wooden lounge chairs, trees with blue sky and clear blue ocean in the background.

He’s just Ken. His job is beach. He’s also extremely predictable so he’d def just...go to the beach.

A sparkling cityscape at sunset with a river and a green park in the foreground.

Bella Baxter, Poor Things

Ultimate Earth

Curiosity about the world and embarking on a whirlwind journey of self-discovery can mean only one thing: visiting 10 countries and 21 cities in 57 days.

A rocky river and the colorful foliage of a forest with jagged, snow-capped mountains in the background.
Thelonious “Monk” Ellison, American Fiction

Patagonia Adventure: Chile & Argentina

Monk needs a frickin break—from writing, from people, from everything. He should recenter by going off the grid and immersing himself in the natural beauty of another hemisphere.

A hilltop tower overlooking a city surrounded by mountains.
Nora, Past Lives

India: The Golden Triangle

Nora’s a writer who moved from Seoul to NYC, so she’s not afraid of new experiences. Enter India, where she can contemplate life and get inspired over samosas and yoga.

Stone ruins in the middle of a medieval city with mountain in the background at dusk.

Leonard Bernstein, Maestro

Grand Tour of Europe

Music! Art! Nightlife! Hitting up some of the most iconic, cosmopolitan European cities seems mandatory for one of the 20th century’s most famous composers who also loved a good time.

A small building set among green tree-covered hills with a snow-capped mountain peak in the background.
Diane Nyad, Nyad

Hike Europe: The Alps

For someone who swam from Cuba to Florida, a super active trip like hiking through the Alps of Italy, France, and Switzerland—no swimming necessary—feels about right.

A person standing at the base of soaring moss-covered cliffs and cascading waterfall.
Ember Lumen, Elemental

Iceland Winter Escape

We gotta go with a trip to the land of fire and ice for a character whose head is literally composed of flames. Volcanoes, glaciers, and hot springs? Seriously Ember coded.

A person and a camel walking at the base several grand stone pyramids and a huge stone lion with the head of a human.
Professor Paul Hunham, The Holdovers

Egypt Expedition

A Greek getaway would be on brand—but expected. Egypt has all the ancient history but also a hot-air balloon ride, and this loveable curmudgeon needs a little more whimsy in his life.

A woman smiling holding a cup of coffee.

About the Author

Emma Lifvergren is a writer at EF Ultimate Break by day and a food enthusiast, bookworm, and cat mom to Ruby the rest of the time. Emma has been to 16 countries, including a semester in Paris while attending UMass Amherst, where she graduated with a degree in journalism. You can often find her on a cute little solo movie date with a small popcorn and a glass of red.

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