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October 23, 2019 | How To

Eek-F Ultimate Spook: 11 travel-inspired costumes you already have in your closet

By Haley D.

We’ve all been there: you’re a worldly, cultured, well-traveled person who’s procrastinated their Halloween costume to an almost unimaginable point. Maybe your office goes hard for Halloween and you’re just now finding that out; or the guys down the hall are throwing a last-minute costume party and you can’t make it to the thrift store in time. Your friendly neighborhood Ultimate Breakers are coming to the rescue. Presenting: the 11 quickest, easiest, travel themed Halloween costumes you just might already have in your closest.

1. Harry Potter
Our vision-challenged friends are already halfway there. A little lightning-shaped makeup and a scarf, and you’ve got a cozy look that’s completely late-October friendly. Yer a boss, Harry.

travel themed halloween costume Harry Potter

You don't want to be on the receiving end of Trip Consultant Justin's expelliarmus

2. Greece-er > Greaser
If you own a leather jacket and a white t-shirt, you’re already Greased lightning, baby. BUT, if you own a white bedsheet and can fashion yourself a toga, your costume just got 100% punnier.

travel themed halloween costume greaser

Haley, our social media lead, ready to hand-jive

travel themed halloween costume greece-er

...and with a Grecian upgrade

3. Someone who lost their luggage...and the luggage
The perfect couples costume? Just might be. This one's easy. Just throw on a neck pillow and look confused. As for the luggage—remember when your dad used to put you in a wagon and pull you around to go trick or treating? This is basically that.

travel themed halloween costume luggage airport

Copywriter Kevin has fooled Junior Copywriter Reid for the last time

4. Queen of England
What, you don’t have a crown laying around your office? Construction paper and some markers will do the trick too.

travel themed halloween costume queen

You heard it here first: Jesse from sales will be taking over for Olivia Colman on the next season of The Crown

5. Oktoberfest Revelers
Want people to know you went to Oktoberfest in Munich? Of course you do. Drinking beer in a tent with thousands of your German-est friends >> drinking beer in a frat basement with dozens of your actual friends; everybody knows that. Break out those souvenir lederhosen and dirndls and become a walking FOMO machine.

travel themed halloween costume Oktoberfest

Trip Consultants Allie & John in their Bavarian finest

6. Parisian
We already know you’re chic af. Break out that beret you brought home from Par-ee, some stripes, and a baguette/prop/party snack.

travel themed halloween costume Parisian

Our designer Sky carboloading and looking chic doing it

7. Gondolier
...and when you lose your beret, just start paddling.

travel themed halloween costume gondolier

...and Sky ready to hit the canals

8. Safari guide
How much khaki is too much khaki?

travel themed halloween costume safari guide

Tim, master of emails, in his natural habitat

9. Tour Director
Since we all know they’re superheroes, might as well lean right into it. Added bonus: it’s a great conversation starter to tell all your friends back home about the amaaaaaaazing time you had abroad.

travel themed halloween costume tour director

Trip Consultant Katie, channeling our tour directors, can clear lines at the Vatican in a single leap

10. Flight attendant
Grab that cute Parisian neck scarf that’s so in right now, a pencil skirt and a button down, and dress up like the ones who make the magic happen in the sky. (Also, doubles as a Pitch Perfect Garden Bellas look.)

travel themed halloween costume flight attendant

If you need to know the location of the nearest exit, look no further than Trip Consultant Hannah

11. Ghost of someone who never traveled
Don’t be that person.

travel themed halloween costume ghost

That's Matt, one of our designers, under there...we think

Tag us in all your travel-related costumes this Halloween! Happy haunting, and bon voyage!

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