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January 10, 2019 | Interests

Our Top 10 Instagram Posts of 2018

By Reid F.

There were Greek sunsets with no filter needed, Roman statues shot in portrait mode, and the best damn charcuterie board you ever did see.

There were painstakingly-crafted-geometrically-calibrated-Rule-of-Thirds-abiding masterpieces, and there were perfectly-timed candids whose quality doesn’t even matter because they were filled with people laughing and enjoying themselves and experiencing travel together.

So, the people have spoken, and your feedback has brought the best travel pictures of the year into focus. Here is a snapshot of travel in 2018, as told by our top 10 Instagram posts:

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Who: @nicki2193

Where: Krka National Park, Croatia

Wanna get your Game of Thrones on in Croatia?


Who: @audreyjohnss

Where: Parque Güell, Barcelona

Trying to sip sangria in Barcelona?


Who: Bianca D.

Where: Trevi Fountain, Rome

Throw a coin, make a wish, get to Rome.


Who: @andrea_robinson17

Where: Cinque Terre, Italy

Bathing suit? Check. GoPro? Check. Perfect angle of Cinque Terre? Check.


Who: @transcend__travel

Where: Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Take your own magical trip to the mountains.


Who: @rachel_ks

Where: Santorini, Greece

Wanna see the Greek Islands for yourself?


Who: @clarisaairaci

Where: Santorini, Greece

Grab a gyro and Greek out in Santorini.


Who: @heather.ione

Where: Verona, Italy

Arrivederci, boring vacations. Ciao, Italy!


Who: @victoriaspassport_96

Where: Hobbiton, New Zealand

Go down under, mate.

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