Where You Should Travel Next Based on Your Hometown
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Bangkok Vegetarian Street Food

Where You Should Travel Next Based on Your Hometown

Where do you live? Not asking in a weird way, just trying to help you find your next travel destination. Find your nearest major city in this handy guide and we’ll tell you where you should take your next trip.

So many places to cross off your bucket list, so little time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with pent-up travel energy trying to decide where your next trip will take you, allow us to help. We’ve created this handy guide to solve your “where to next?” problem.

We’ve matched 36 major US & Canadian cities (yes, friends to the north, we haven’t forgotten you!) to epic international destinations. And as a courtesy, we also point you in the direction of which of our amazing trips will take you there in 2021. Don’t forget that if you want everything expertly planned, all logistics handled, and a built-in group of like-minded new travel BFFs to experience it all with—that’s sort of our thing, as well.

Pick your city 👇

Where you live near: Atlanta

Where you should go: Mykonos

Why: Kiss the corner of Peachtree & Peachtree goodbye and find yourself at the corner of chill Mediterranean beauty and insane beachside nightclubs. The Greek man singing to you while you sip wine in a taverna may not have caught on to trap music yet, but hey, it’s still paradise.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: The Greek Islands

Where you live near: Austin

Where you should go: Turkey

Why: Finally settle the perpetual corn vs. flour tortilla argument with a walk through the street food markets of Istanbul. The answer? Doesn’t matter as long as it’s wrapped around a döner kebab. Then head to the Turkish Riviera for a dip in the sea that will put Barton Springs to shame.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: Grand Tour of Turkey

Where you live near: Boston

Where you should go: Dublin

Why: Boston has a long history of Irish traditions brought by immigrants. If you can survive without Dunkin’ for 9 days, you’ll thrive amongst the pub culture and history of Dublin. By the way, when you’re back in Boston, come swing by our office and say hey!

Which 2021 trip takes you there: Grand Tour of Ireland

Where you live near: Charlotte

Where you should go: Morocco

Why: Sick of the humidity? Yeah, us too. Try a nice Moroccan dry heat on for size as you bargain your way through the souks of Marrakesh, taste test tagines, and have a ball on the edge of the Sahara Desert.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: Highlights of Morocco

Where you live near: Chicago

Where you should go: Venice

Why: Everyone says you have to take the River Architecture Tour when you’re in the Windy City. But what if instead, it was Italian, the boat was a Venetian gondola, and the driver was singing beautifully? Need another reason to thrive in Venice next year? A chance to find out what actual pizza is? Ha ha ok don’t hurt me for that one, only joking.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: Germany, Italy & Switzerland

Where you live near: Columbus

Where you should go: Florence

Why: If you’re all about college town life, you’ll love the intellectual hub of the Italian Renaissance. Sure, Florentines may not put chili on their spaghetti like those weirdos in Cincinnati (just kidding, Cincinnatians!) but the Bolognese will knock your socks off here.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: Venice, Florence & Rome

Where you live near: Dallas

Where you should go: Rome

Why: Swap Tex-Mex for tortellini and treat yourself to a little time in the Eternal City. Trade in tailgating at AT&T Stadium—a veritable cathedral of football—for a tour of a literal cathedral in Vatican City. Consider Testaccio to be the Deep Ellum of Rome, and the nightclubs of Ostiense to be your new favorite watering hole.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: Venice, Florence & Rome

Where you live near: Denver

Where you should go: Swiss Alps

Why: So you like to get high, huh? Elevationally-speaking, of course. Outside of the Rockies there’s no better place to do so than the Swiss Alps. Grab your hiking boots and keep an eye out for mountain goats and wineries on this epic mountain adventure.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: Hike Europe: The Alps

Where you live near: Detroit

Where you should go: Costa Rica

Why: Get out of the Motor City and go to Costa Rica where flip flops, zip lining, and white water rafting are your main modes of transportation, and the sweet sound of distant howler monkeys soothes you to sleep each night.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: Costa Rica Adventure

Where you live near: Honolulu

Where you should go: US National Parks

Why: We get it: you’re far from any other landmass, and why would you leave paradise anyway? How about a nice, relaxing trip to the American mainland to wander among redwoods in Yosemite, peer into the Grand Canyon, and experience the kooky American West, just to shake things up and say you did it.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: US National Parks: California to the Grand Canyon

Where you live near: Houston

Where you should go: London

Why: They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and Houston is no exception. In fact, it’s one of the only US cities larger in area than London. But imagine hopping around in style from pub to pub via the Tube, or getting way up high in the poshest way possible on the London Eye to see it all.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: London & Paris Escape

Where you live near: Indianapolis

Where you should go: Madrid

Why: They say all roads lead to Indianapolis. Who said that you ask? We did, that’s who. Similarly, Madrid’s Puerto del Sol is the crossroads of each of Spain’s six main roads. Get ready to salsa dance and look at great works of art in the Prado (though, maybe not at the same time).

Which 2021 trip takes you there: Spain, Morocco and Portugal

Where you live near: Jacksonville

Where you should go: Santorini

Why: You love the water and you hate traffic. Guess what? Santorini is a beautiful Greek island surrounded by water, and you can kiss gridlock goodbye. Get the flip flops, we’re walking to the winery.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: The Greek Islands

Where you live near: Kansas City

Where you should go: Scotland

Why: Just west of the Missouri border lay the Great Plains. Sick of flat lines in every direction? Get some altitude touring the stunning Scottish Highlands. Then head into vibrant Edinburgh—though the jury is still out on BBQ’d haggis.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: England, Scotland & Ireland

Where you live near: Louisville

Where you should go: Croatia

Why: Next time the crowds flood into town for the Kentucky Derby, ditch the horse race and head where dragons fly free and breathe fire—well, at least in Game of Thrones—filmed largely in the medieval town of Dubrovnik.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: Croatia: Split to Split

Where you live near: Las Vegas

Where you should go: Amsterdam

Why: Take a gamble on a trip from the desert to one of the wettest places on Earth. Amsterdam is practically underwater, but that won’t stop you from snacking on stroopwafels and biking around the cute cobblestoned neighborhoods. And just like Vegas, Amsterdam is famously tolerant of… shall we say... all sorts of lifestyles.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: Amsterdam, Paris & London

Where you live near: Los Angeles

Where you should go: Bali

Why: Everyone from Echo Park to Silver Lake was already doing it before it was cool. It, of course, being morning yoga, afternoon beach sessions, and all-day canyon tubing in Bali. If you can’t beat them to the next hot travel spot, might as well join ‘em.

Which 2021 trip takes you there: Bali: Tropical Escape