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A girl gazing at a mountain range in the distance.

The Resolution Revolution: 7 Travel-Centric Tweaks to Step Up Your New Year's Resolution

Getting more exercise doesn't have to mean joining a gym or doing burpees in your living room. How about hiking the Swiss Alps instead?

by Jason B.

This year, we decided to skip the usual bull and share some resolutions that truly matter to us. Because we think the best resolutions are the ones you’d actually like to get done—while enjoying the hell out of them along the way.

A girl sitting on a wall looking at the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

1. Good resolution: Get off social media. Better resolution: Use social media better.

You’re in Paris and just nailed your pictures of the Eiffel Tower, but now they’re saved and not going anywhere. Find that filter, craft the perfect caption, and get all the likes later—there’s way too many pastries and delicious things to try at the local bakeries to waste time eating with only one hand.

Homemade linguini.

2. Good resolution: Perfect a skill. Better resolution: Add a new skill to your repertoire.

There’s an astonishing variety of skills practiced by people around the world, so there’s bound to be something new you’d excel at and enjoy. Just go for it and who knows, you could find yourself learning how to make fresh pasta from scratch...in Italy. Your friends will thank you later.

A table of traditional Balinese food.

3. Good resolution: Eat healthier. Better resolution: Indulge more.

There’s a whole world of deliciousness out there, and we believe that never having seen or heard of something is all the more reason to try it. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite food or discover you didn’t really know how spicy something could be.

A group of people hiking the Swiss Alps on a sunny day.

4. Good resolution: Join the gym. Better resolution: Skip the gym.

We’re all for being healthy, but sweating next to strangers indoors or doing nightly burpees in your living room aren’t the only ways to get it done. Planning your next vacation? Skip the sunbathing on the beach and challenge yourself to hike the Swiss Alps. Plus, in our experience, the best views are hardly ever at the bottom.

A group of young adult travelers on a vineyard in Italy.

5. Good resolution: Spend more time with friends. Better resolution: Make new friends.

It’s not easy to meet new people without leaving your zip code. Get out of your comfort zone and the country, add more ‘yes’ to your vocabulary, and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. We all have at least something in common, and thankfully, raising your glass for a toast is pretty universal.

A group of people at La Tomatina Festival in Spain covered in tomato sauce.

6. Good resolution: Catch more ZZZs. Better resolution: Seize the day.

We’ve all heard resolutions about getting more sleep, but where’s the fun in that? Instead live better, larger, and do more of the amazing stuff you can’t do while snoozing. Because imagining a giant food fight is fun, but blasting a smiling stranger in the face with a tomato for real is legendary.

A girl looking at the Roman Colosseum.

7. Good resolution: Travel more. Better resolution: Wait…actually, you should travel more.

Between the planning and the saving international travel can seem daunting. But with us, it’s easier than you think. Our trips take care of the details for you so you can focus on the important stuff like making unforgettable memories. Now if there was only a way to help decide where you should go

Got it? Good. Now get out there and make this your best year yet. Maybe even consider celebrating one of Europe's quirky New Year's traditions actually in Europe.

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