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A man drinking out of a coconut on a beach.

What to Drink In Other Countries? 8 Ways to Quench Your Thirst Abroad

And catch a buzz, if you wish.

by Madeline M.

Summer’s hot. That goes without saying. And while a nice glass of lemonade might sound refreshing, we at EF Ultimate Break prefer something a little more…exotic. Fruit skewers and drink umbrellas aren’t completely necessary, but they don’t hurt, either.

Our well-hydrated team of travel experts compiled a list of our go-to drinks to beat the heat in these summer destinations abroad. Check ‘em out and go sip one for yourself. Your taste buds (and internal body temperature) will thank you.

Three friends clanking their champagne glasses together under the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Champagne in Paris

Life in Paris doesn’t get much better than popping champagne in front of the Eiffel Tower…until you add a baguette.

Drink it on a trip to France

A person holding coconut with a straw sticking out of it on a beach in Belize.

Fresh fruit juice in Belize

Just you, the beach, and the fresh flavors of Belize. And probably a couple monkeys, too.

Drink it on a trip to Latin America

A glass of sangria.

A glass (or pitcher) of sangria in Barcelona

Get your daily serving of fruit sipping sangria in Barcelona. Your mom would be so proud.

Drink it on a trip to Spain

Three women enjoying glasses of wine at a restaurant in Rome.

Wine in Rome

Pour yourself some red and raise a glass, because when in Rome. Plus, you need to wash down all that pasta.

Drink it on a trip to Italy

Two steins of beer being clanked together at a German beer hall.

Beer in Munich

Work your biceps lifting steins of beer from the table to your face in Munich.

Drink it on a trip to Germany

Horchata, a local drink in Costa Rica.

Horchata in Costa Rica

Sugar and spice and everything nice, horchata is a South American classic that Costa Rica does right.

Drink it on a trip to Costa Rica

A person holding up their glass of Guinness beer in a Dublin pub.

Guinness in Dublin

Going to Dublin without drinking a Guinness is all kinds of wrong, and you wouldn’t want to be wrong, right?

Drink it on a trip to Ireland

An assortment of Scotch bottles on the shelf at a liquor store.

Scotch in Scotland (duh)

Start remembering words like “peaty” and “smoky” because the moment you cross the border into Scotland, you’re a whisky person. Just let it happen.

Drink it on a trip to Scotland

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