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New Years

We mastered travel. So naturally, we set our sights on time travel. Take a trip this New Year’s Eve across time zones—and countdown to 2020 in the future.


So do you guys, like, have a time machine?


Can I see it?


Ok, so how does this so-called “time travel” work?

We’ve harnessed the magical power of time zones! You see, London is 5 hours ahead of the eastern United States. Therefore, you could be counting down to midnight there, while it’s still dinner time in New York City. And that, my friends, is time travel.

Can you send me back in time?

We recommend browsing through your middle school yearbook, then asking yourself again if you really want to go back in time.

Is time travel right for me?

It sure is! Especially because you’ll save up on New Year’s trips.

Can my actions in the “future” affect the past?

No. But just to be safe, try and avoid any and all curses, mummies, witches, and evil spells.

Is time travel safe?

Yes! We worked out all the kinks. On a totally unrelated note, if you happen to know how to retrieve our intern Tommy from dinosaur times, get in touch.

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