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Spain, Morocco &...

Spain, Morocco & Portugal

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A large building with a blue dome at sunset
A large building with a blue dome at sunset
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A courtyard lined with trees and archways on a sunny day
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Why go?

Add some zest to your life on this three-country escape from the ordinary. Prepare for pristine beaches in Portugal, bustling markets in Morocco, and in Spain, more Moorish architecture than you can shake a churro at.

Picture yourself

  • Winding through the immense collection of art in Madrid

  • Enhancing your culinary skills during a Moroccan cooking class

  • Getting lost in the lively markets of Marrakesh

  • Kicking your feet up on a beach in Portugal’s Algarve region

  • Gazing upon ocean views and hilltop castles in Lisbon

What you'll get

  • Round-trip flights & airport transfers (or book 'em yourself)

  • 15 nights in handpicked accommodations

  • 15 breakfasts

  • 5 dinners

  • 1 lunch

  • Expert Tour Director

  • 24/7 support

  • 6 insider tours with local guides

  • Guided tour of Great Mosque in Córdoba

  • Entrance to Madrid’s Royal Palace

  • Round-trip beach transfer in Algarve region

Map for the Spain, Morocco & Portugal tour
Full trip itinerary


  • Day 1: Overnight Flight

    Board your overnight flight, bound for Spain, where food and nightlife (and Felipe VI) are king. Cafes and restaurants line the streets of Madrid, which is good because Spanish tapas are must-try. And then try again. You know, for quality-testing purposes.

  • Day 2: Arrive in Madrid + Welcome Dinner

    Welcome to Madrid! Spain’s capital is famous for its world-class art museums, live music scene, and never-ending nightlife. It seems people never sleep here (except for two hours after lunch). Madrid is a city that definitely knows how to relax and have fun. Get ready—your life is about to get loco.

    In the evening, enjoy a Welcome Dinner of local cuisine and drinks with fellow travelers at an authentic local spot. Afterwards, you’re free to take the party elsewhere!

    Today's highlights:

    • Meet an EF representative at the airport.
    • Transfer to your accommodation and check in.
    • Receive the latest schedule from your Tour Director.
    • Meet your fellow travelers as they arrive.
  • Day 3: Tour Madrid

    With a population of over 3 million people, Madrid is Spain’s biggest city (almost double that of Barcelona). One thing you’ll notice walking around, is that Madrileños love soccer. (Whatever you do, don’t mention Messi, Barcelona’s star player.) Today you'll see all the best Madrid has to offer with a local guide on a tour of the city. Afterwards, take the rest of the day to explore on your own.

    Today's highlights:

    • Meet your local guide and experience the city's highlights by bus and foot.
    • Visit Madrid's Royal Palace for a guided tour of this elaborate, 9th-century building featuring over 2,000 rooms and plenty of stuff you can't touch.
    • Stop at Puerta del Sol, the epicenter of the city, where stores and cafes are by the dozen, and people dressed up as Spider Man want you to take their picture.
    • Head into the Plaza Mayor, the Renaissance hub that witnessed everything from bullfights to weddings to public executions.
    • Go out on your own, and walk through Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid's biggest park, and keep a lookout for the trees that look like broccoli (you'll know it when you see it).

    Free time suggestions

    Exit Through the Gift Shop: The Chueca and Malasaña neighborhoods are two of the hippest and happeningest places in Madrid. Picture vintage fashion shops, inexpensive tapas bars, and locals trying to figure out how you found out about their favorite spots. Keep an eye out for graffiti from the famous street artist, Banksy.
    Get Cultured: Visit The Golden Triangle (no, this is not something from Indiana Jones). It’s an art triangle featuring The Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and The Reina Sofia museums. You can see world-famous artworks from artists like Pablo Picasso, Diego Velázquez, and Salvador Dalí.
    ¡GOOOOOOOOOL!: Tour Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, home to Madrid’s soccer (fútbol) team, Real Madrid. Sit in the players’ seats, see trophies up close, and practice your goal celebration dance on the field below.

  • Day 4: Travel to Granada via Cordoba

    After a few days in the big city, it’s time to see what Spain’s smaller metropolises are hiding. You’re going to Granada, but not before a stop in medieval Córdoba to tour the famous Mezquita. Spoiler alert: There will be beautiful Islamic-era buildings, delicious food, and plenty of wine.

    Today's highlights:

    • Give Madrid a loving little kick (you know, like a soccer ball) on your way out of the city.
    • Arrive in Córdoba—the former Islamic capital, and current palm tree capital of Spain.
    • Avoid your knees buckling at the overwhelming beauty of the Mezquita—a 1,300+ year old massive house of worship that has consistently been the most beautiful building in Spain.
    • Continue on to the city of pomegranates, Granada.
  • Day 5: Tour Granada

    Lucky you. A whole day in Granada! First things first—join a local guide for a VIP tour of the city. There’s heavy North African and Arabic influence here, and you’ll see it all around you in the intricate architecture, fusion food, and even the music of Granada. Get ready to be dazzled by the Alhambra palace and fortress, the true highlight of Granada.

    Today's highlights:

    • Get up, get out, and get lost walking through Albayzin, a maze of cobblestone streets. Just make sure you leave a trail of crumbs to find your way home.
    • Take everything in as you wander the vast grounds of the Alhambra. It's part palace, part fortress, all parts awesome.
    • Walk along the Darro river to Paseo de los Tristes, and grab a table at a nearby café.
    • Look up and see the Alhambra looking right back down at you. Not in the creepy way, though.
  • Day 6: Arrive in Africa

    “Welcome to Africa!” …is what we’ll say once you get there. But first, you’ll travel to Tarifa and ride a ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier, Morocco. The continent that birthed mankind is happy to have you, and man, there’s kind of a whole lot of history to be seen here. So clear your schedule and trade your paella for couscous—you’re going to Morocco.

    Today's highlights:

    • Yawn a big yawn and then keep your jaw dropped when you realize you can cross another continent off your bucket list.
    • Swap out your sea legs for, um, land legs as you disembark your ferry in Tangier.
    • Board your private motorcoach from Tangier to Fez—home to over a million people, and namesake to the tasseled hat that Aladdin wears.
    • Spend the night in Fez how you see fit—make sure to snap some dramatic shots of mosques and markets while the sun goes down, then hit the Medina to take on a taste of the nightlife.
  • Day 7: Explore Fez + Optional Moroccan Dinner & Music Show

    You think your Great Aunt Edwina is old? Just wait until you see how old Fez is. Hint: over 1,200 years old. Follow your Tour Director for an in-depth look at how the oldest Imperial City has shifted and morphed in its millennium-plus of existence.

    Today's highlights:

    • Be dazzled by Fez’s ornate Moorish architecture like that of the Royal Palace Gate and the Bab Bou Jeloud, and realize you certainly don’t want… less-ish.
    • Visit the Old Jewish Quarter, known as the Mellah, and learn about the rise and fall of Fez’s once-numerous Jewish population.
    • Attend a ceramics demonstration.
    • Get down and dirty at one of the world’s oldest tanneries and learn that leather is traditionally soaked in cow urine and pigeon feces—just don’t tell that to your motorcycle gang.

    Moroccan Dinner & Music Show (extra cost)

    Indulge in dinner and drinks, sit back and be treated to a belly dancing performance, a Moroccan orchestra, a Hiata group, a Bedouin dancer, a magician, and a Moroccan marriage ceremony. Yep, all in one night.

    Why wait? Save money by booking this optional excursion before your trip departs.

  • Day 8: Travel to Marrakesh

    You’re going to Marrakesh today. Marrakesh IS Morocco. Literally. In many languages, the name for Morocco is just “Marrakesh.” The Red City is easy to get lost in, but fear not, there’s excitement around every corner, and your local guide is here to ensure you get to see it all. Follow them today for a real taste of Morocco—both metaphorically and culinarily.

    Today's highlights:

    • Feast your eyes on the pseudo-European floral beauty of the Gueliz District—designed by the French while feeling homesick for Paris.
    • Pay respect to your elders when you see Koutoubia Mosque—it’s over 800 years old, but doesn’t look a day over 799.
    • Bask in the gloriously geometric #architectureporn of Bahia Palace, the Saadian Tombs, and the Medina (old city).
    • Prepare to have your definition of “supermarket” blown out of the water as you haggle your way through the Marrakesh Souk, the city’s premiere market and meeting-place.
  • Day 9: Free Day in Marrakesh + Optional Moroccan Cooking Class

    Good morning! While most of Marrakesh is awake in time for the early Call to Prayer, we’re guessing you’re up early, too, in anticipation of the crazy day to come. Yesterday you saw the “must-see’s” of Marrakesh, and today is all about the hidden gems. Feel free to spend the day exploring, eating, or for the truly daring, learning to charm snakes.

    Today's highlights:

    • Catch a whiff of organized chaos as you weave in and out of Marrakesh’s spiraling alleyways mingling with the nearly one million city residents.
    • Spend the day crafting puns on the word “souk,” meaning “market,” as you bargain for souvenirs at any of the hundreds of vendors around the city.
    • Realign your chakras on the hunt for the bohemian vibes that attracted hippies and artists alike, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Yves Saint Laurent.
    • Treat your taste buds to an optional Moroccan cooking class.

    Free time suggestions

    Garden Variety: Visit three different museums at the Majorelle Garden, named for the eponymous French painter who designed the sprawling grounds and lived in the shockingly blue villa on the property. The cactus-laden complex also includes the Islamic Art Museum, the Berber Museum, and the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.
    Gate Grandpa: Not to be confused with the similarly named mashed eggplant dish, Bab Agnaou is a 12th century city gate that once represented Marrakesh’s doorway to Sub-Saharan Africa. These days, however, it’s mostly just a cool spot to take a selfie with a very old wall.

    Moroccan Cooking Class (extra cost)

    Learn the ins and outs of Moroccan cuisine as you prepare and consume your own authentic lunch. In the downtime while your food cooks, tour "little Morocco", a complex full of artwork and replicas that will help you learn more about the country's culture and history.

    Why wait? Save money by booking this optional excursion before your trip departs.

  • Day 10: Travel to Tangier via Casablanca

    You deserve the presidential treatment, which is why you’re going to white house today for lunch. Or as it’s more commonly known, Casablanca. As if that weren’t all that and a bag of dates, you get a two-for-one deal today: ending the day back in beautiful Tangier.

    Today's highlights:

    • Kiss Marrakesh goodbye (not literally—those are some old, old buildings) and board your private motorcoach to Casablanca.
    • Arrive in Casablanca and finally get around to declaring “quite frankly my dear I don’t give a damn,” but we won’t tell anyone that that’s from Gone With the Wind, not Casablanca.
    • Nosh on an included traditional Moroccan lunch in Casablanca.
    • Make your high school literature teacher proud upon arrival in Tangier—this Mediterranean city once drew famed American writers like Jack Kerouac, Paul Bowles, and Tennessee Williams to its turquoise and whitewashed façade.
    • Raise a glass in honor of your final night on this continent—this one’s for Africa, to paraphrase Shakira.
  • Day 11: Return to Europe

    Spain couldn’t bear to be without its amor—AKA you—for too long, so you’re going back. By now, you’re old pals with España. So skip the small talk and head straight for Seville.

    Today's highlights:

    • Watch for some of the world’s best kitesurfers as your morning ferry approaches the shore in the Spanish port town of Tarifa.
    • Stare longingly across the Strait of Gibraltar in the direction of Morocco in memory of your Saharan expedition.
    • Arrive in Seville, Spain’s 4th largest—and potentially 1st coolest—city.
    • Flamenco your way downtown for some late night fun.
  • Day 12: Explore Seville

    Today is all about you, Seville, and a local guide. Your guide will show you the best of the best when it comes to Seville. Afterwards, get out and enjoy some free time in your new favorite city. Let nothing get in your way (except for the pigeons, maybe).

    Today's highlights:

    • Meet your local guide to experience the city’s highlights by bus and foot.
    • Wander through the lavish Plaza de España and admire the Neo-Moorish architecture.
    • Visit the Moorish Alcázar, which was built in the 14th century for a king named Pedro the Cruel. Hmm...wonder if people liked him?
    • Wind your way through Santa Cruz, the former Jewish quarter and most picturesque neighborhood in Seville. Instagrammers, get your phone ready. This is your moment.
  • Day 13: Travel to Algarve Region + Free Time

    A trip to Portugal is not complete without a couple of days to relax on the beach. Which is why you’re going to the Algarve region, located along the southern coast. The region boasts some of the country’s most pristine beaches, breathtaking cliffs, and castles of the stone and sand varieties.

    Today's highlights:

    • Hop on a bus, bound for the breathtaking Algarve Region of Portugal.
    • Breathe in the ocean air and whip out the shades—you’re on the Mediterranean coast.
    • Spend the rest of the day exploring, eating, and Port wine (it’s from Portugal after all) to your heart’s content.

    Free time suggestions

    Port wine: The only thing sweeter than a trip to Portugal is a glass of locally sourced Port wine. Kick back and open a bottle of this delicious dessert wine. The Mediterranean air only improves the taste.

  • Day 14: Free Day in the Algarve Region

    Enjoy a free day in the Algarve Region to explore the beaches.

  • Day 15: Explore Lisbon

    Welcome to Lisbon! Get ready to work those glutes, because nearly everything here requires an uphill walk. This colorful Portuguese capital is home to classic European charm, urban innovation, and breathtaking vistas from just about anywhere you stand.

    Today's highlights:

    • Meet a local guide for an in-depth tour of Lisbon (and story time, obviously).
    • Traverse the labyrinthine streets of Alfama, the oldest district of Lisbon.
    • Enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening to explore on your own.
  • Day 16: Free Day in Lisbon + Farewell Dinner

    The day is yours to experience the best of Lisbon. Go back to some of your favorite places from yesterday, or set out on your own to explore new sights, sounds, smells, and flavors. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, head out to discover all the hills you’ve counted.

    Today's highlights:

    • Catch a ride from a fellow American—a historic trolley that was imported from the U.S. in 1901 and is now a Lisbon staple for navigating the steep inclines.
    • Explore the city on your own, at your own pace, with as many snack stops as you want.
    • Indulge yourself with a pastel de nata, the most classic of all Portuguese pastries.
    • Wander through Bairro Alto, Lisbon’s bohemian quarter and the ideal neighborhood for bar hopping.

    Free time suggestions

    Elevator Pitch: Originally steam powered, the Elevador de Santa Justa is the handiwork of Gustave Eiffel’s apprentice, so it might look a little familiar. A ride up gives you awesome views of the city skyline.
    Portu-gas: Take a gastronomic world tour at Mercado Fusão, a food market, where kiosks serve up everything from Brazilian cakes to sushi. Don’t miss the famous samosas at Kebab Ali House.

    Farewell Dinner
    Share some last laughs (and maybe shed a few tears) at an included farewell dinner with the group.

  • Day 17: Fly Home

    Tchau, amigos!
    Translation: Goodbye friends. Your next destination awaits—home. Before you head to the airport, enjoy your last few moments together. Take one more group photo. Grab that final drink. (Fine, maybe a couple of drinks.) But this isn’t goodbye. It’s “See you later.” The only question is, where?



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    Note: Depending on your desired gateways, additional fees may apply.


Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5
Based on 44 authentic traveler reviews
  • An unforgettable experience

      Jaquelin, traveled Jun. 2024

    The past two weeks were amazing!! I really recommend this trip but do be prepared for all of the walking that there will be. Also don’t have high expectations with accommodations because most of the time we stayed in hostels and only time we stayed in really nice hotels was in Morocco. I will say Granada, Marrakech and Lagos were my favorite places I visited... See more

  • 10/10

      Anonymous, traveled Jun. 2024

    Best trip ever! Our tour guide was fantastic!

  • Incredible!

      Lauren, traveled Jun. 2024

    This was an amazing intro to the Iberian Peninsula and Africa; enough free time for siestas or cathedral visits,, and enough tapas to fuel it all. 10000% recommend


      Grace, traveled May 2024

    This trip was the best summer trip I could have taken! It’s been my dream for a long time to see Morocco! It was sooo much fun and a total bucket list item completed! Spain and Portugal were amazing as well and Ovi was amazing at giving free time suggestions along with all the activities we did as a group! I have no regrets, I would do it again in a heartbea... See more

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