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November 11, 2018 | Opinion

71 Reasons to travel

By Jason B.

1. Your ex always wanted to go to Europe, and now you’re going to live your best life right in their face.

2. You want to become a Harlem Globetrotter and completely misjudged the prerequisites.

3. Your favorite movie is a foreign film and you finally want to see it without subtitles.

4. Halley’s Comet is coming back and you’re not taking any chances.

5. You’ve used every filter imaginable, now it’s time to change the backgrounds.

6. You can whistle the entire Office theme song with 100% accuracy. You need to get out more.

7. You’re determined to finally find Carmen San Diego.

8. People from other countries actually use their vacation time and you’re determined to see what that’s like.

9. Who knows, maybe you’d be a better driver on the left?

10. You once faked an English accent for an entire semester and need a refresher.

11. Unfortunately, America is way too young to have castles of its own.

12. You distinctly remember where your finger landed that one time you spun the globe in 4th grade.

13. Winter is for the birds and you’ve decided to follow their lead by getting out of dodge.

14. You’re convinced that the people holding up the leaning tower of Pisa in photos are actually doing it and want a turn.

15. Your passport photo is the best you’ve ever taken and it’s time the customs agents of the world found out.

16. Someone told you to ‘move it or lose it’ and you’re not sure where or what they meant, but you’re not taking any chances.

17. Swiss cheese is your favorite, but you’re positive they are keeping the best parts for themselves.

18. All this talk about the Earth being flat really makes you want to live on the edge.

Photo by Kevin Eassa, Ireland.

19. You used to think you’d travel a lot when you retire, but that notion is getting old.

20. There are entire countries that don’t have snakes. That sounds nice.

21. You promised Nana you would, and you’d NEVER lie to Nana.

22. You just found out you might be part Scandinavian and need to Finnish what you started.

23. Everyone needs a ‘one that got away’ story.

24. You refuse to believe the ‘T’ in tsar is silent and you’ve got some questions.

25. The only way to discover the beginning of your family tree is to find your roots.

26. They call Burger King ‘Hungry Jack’s’ in Australia, and that’s just ridiculous.

27. You’ve never had a doppelgänger and now you’re on a mission.

28. You vastly prefer how they pronounce your name in Sweden.

29. Odds are you’ll do something really dumb next year and you’re all about escape plans.

30. Your friends severely under-appreciate just how accurate your Irish impression is.

31. You have some serious questions about why the English spell things the way they do.

32. Turns out, sloths aren’t that common ‘round these parts.

33. You’ve always wondered if Australians call America ‘Up Over.’

34. Your next-door neighbors always try to one-up you and they just read Around the World in 80 Days—but two can play at that game.

35. It turns out your childhood pen pal is a real dreamboat, and you just so happen to have some vacation time coming up.

36. After two years of weeknight Spanish classes you’ve decided to throw yourself to the wolves…excuse us—lobos.

Photo by Eunice Beck, Barcelona.

37. You read a horoscope that said you should travel soon. You don’t necessarily believe in them, but you don’t necessarily not believe in them either.

38. Your roommates’ parents are visiting soon. FOR A MONTH.

39. Peer pressure is no joke. And apparently half your friends on Instagram don’t work, only smile, and exclusively travel on sunny days.

40. Studying abroad sounds all well and good, minus that pesky studying part.

41. You booked a flight to the wrong Georgia and are way too proud to admit your mistake.

42. Time travel is still impossible, but you’ll settle being ahead of the rest of the world in New Zealand. That’s basically the future, right?

43. Those sky miles aren’t going to use themselves. Or more appropriately—sky kilometers.

44. You once heard someone described as ‘worldly’ and hope to one day be described the same way.

Photo by Adrienne Finch, Thailand.

45. Because your Ouija board said so.

46. You’re trying to simultaneously get over your fear of flying, new foods, and adventure.

47. You really want to talk to the person who thought the name Tápiószentmárton was a good idea (even the locals just say they’re from Budapest).

48. You spent more than you should have on your travel pillow and want to get your money’s worth.

49. You needed a legit reason to miss that one cousin’s wedding.

50. You’ve always loved ketchup and after seeing a YouTube video of La Tomatina festival in Spain, things just got real.

51. Traveling makes your life better. Like having-Tom-Hanks-narrate-your-daily-life better.

52. There is an entire island where dogs run free called Territorio de Zaguates in Costa Rica. Should we just end the list here?

53. You’ve been meaning to get out of your comfort zone which at the moment consists of your bed, your pup, four different drinks, and every blanket in the house.

54. You already get lost all the time, might as well have a valid excuse.

55. Googling ‘foods from around the world you have to try’ was a mistake. A delicious, delicious mistake.

Mike Nixon, Tour Director, but you can call him Stir Bae. Photo by Chaitanya Venkat, Barcelona

56. Quick question: Why not?

57. You’ve been perfecting your Bohemian look—and going to Prague is the only way to find out if you’ve nailed it.

58. You read a long list of reasons you should travel, and something really stuck out, but you can’t put your finger on exactly what it was.

59. Someone told you that the original Outback Steakhouse is actually in the Outback—there’s no way that’s true…right?

60. After binge watching Game of Thrones, you’re desperate to see a dragon for yourself (just don’t expect wings).

61. You’re an airline food aficionado, but they only hand out those mini packages of pretzels on domestic flights.

62. You’ve always preferred European sirens to their American counterparts.

63. It’s much less likely someone will call you out for embellishing your accomplishments when traveling abroad.

64. Your favorite dog that you follow on Instagram lives in Switzerland and you just know he would love to meet you.

65. No one will know you’re lying when you tell them you’re the better-looking sibling.

66. You recently found out that traveling improves your memory, and you’re desperate to find your favorite sweater.

67. After recently watching The Sixth Sense, you discovered it’s titled He’s a Ghost in China, and you’re not letting it go.

68. Due to an unsubstantiated fear of having tiny feet, you much prefer the shoe sizing charts in Europe.

69. You’re a big fan of making definitive plans, and you heard the tours of Pompeii are really set in stone.

70. In an effort to extend your birthday week you’ve decided to use the world’s time zones to your advantage.

71. Considering yourself to be quite elusive, you see the world’s biggest tourist traps as a challenge.

10 Reasons to travel—with us

We’re in the trust tree, right? Good, because we wrote that list hoping you’d travel with us. Thankfully, we’re really good at helping you get away. Like 50-years’-experience-and-over-120-trips-to-34-countries good at it.

Photo by Hannah Lampman, Greek Islands

1. We make it easy with interest-free payments that you can pay off overtime. After all, Rome wasn’t paid for in a day—or something like that.

2. Booking your trip is easier than getting wet at a waterpark. Plus, all you need is $150 down.

3. Because we’ll meet you at the airport. And not the ‘I’m making my third loop through terminals and will be there soon’ kind of meet either.

4. We’ll take care of the details, so you can focus on the important things—like getting a consensus to where you’re going for a group dinner later. Just kidding, we know that’s impossible.

5. The friends you make while traveling will last a lifetime. Coincidentally, so will their memory of you attempting to ‘impress’ a llama through interpretative dance.

6. There may be nothing more satisfying than crossing things off a list. We’ll help you with this, especially the ‘tell a sloth I really admire his lifestyle’ kind of stuff.

7. Studies show that it’s important to eat breakfast. Further studies prove that people are just plain happier when it’s included. Every. Day.

8. Tour directors show you the real, authentic side of a city. Like you-definitely-shouldn’t-try-that-hot-pepper-whose-name-you-can’t even-pronounce type of real.

9. You’ll meet an amazing group of new friends who don’t think trying a new Thai place is adventurous.

10. Our team has your back with 24/7 support. But to be fair, we’ve got your front and sides covered too.

We know there are reasons we missed. Tell us yours!

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