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Are There Travel Deals on Black Friday?! Yup—and We’ve Got the Best.

Shop the Ultimate Black Friday sale for our best travel deals EVER.

Chris Abell
Associate Director, Content
November 22, 2023

When you think Black Friday sales, you probably think stuff. Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, retailers everywhere shout about things on sale like clothes and shoes and TVs and beauty products—things to fill up your apartment or storage unit or that dusty space between your bed and the floor.

But what if something more meaningful went on sale for Black Friday? What if you could get a life-changing experience—for less?

With the Ultimate Black Friday sale, you can. Get ready for 12 new trips and some of our steepest travel discounts EVER—up to 35% off amazing trips around the world. And with flexible, interest-free payment options, scoring a major trip deal during the Ultimate Black Friday sale is the ultimate travel hack.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best Black Friday travel deals from EF Ultimate Break.

The discounts are huge

And we mean huge. Here's just a few of our most bonkers Black Friday travel deals.

A group of people posing and smiling in front of a grand stone building.

8 countries. 14 cities. On a 35-day trip through Europe you’ll eat all the carbs, gawk at all the unforgettable views, and make all the memories.

Four women smiling and sitting in front of Greek ruins with people milling in the background.

You’ll get your ancient history fix in Athens, but you’ll also get to club-hop and soak up that vitamin D on islands like Mykonos and Santorini.

Traditional Thai boats moored on a beach with islands and the ocean in the background.

This 22-day journey takes you all over the country. Temples, beaches, legendary street food, nightlife. It’s got all that and so. much. more.

Two women looking at each other while facing an orange Japanese temple.

Interest in trips to Asia are skyrocketing. Knock this jaunt to the Land of the Rising Sun off your bucket list and see everything from Mount Fuji to Shibuya to gawk-worthy temples.

A woman taking a picture of a man with his arms spread wide in front of a stepped stone temple.

The trip name says it all. The only English-speaking nation in Latin America is a unique melting pot of history, nature, and beach days that you absolutely can’t miss.

Unlike travel agencies, we offer interest-free payments.

84% of younger adults in the United States and Canada want to keep traveling despite student loans and inflation—actually, 73% said that the experiences and cultural exchange benefits of travel are more meaningful than ever—but they want a travel hack to make international vacations affordable.* We’ve got that hack riiiight here, and it’s booking in advance, shopping our Black Friday travel deals, and paying in interest-free installments.

You can start paying installments in advance. Like, way in advance.

Although student loans payments were recently reinstated, 84% of respondents to an EF Ultimate Break poll plan to travel internationally in the next 12 months. Love to see it. 36% of respondents to another poll said they’d travel internationally but seek more budget-friendly options, and 31% said they’d book international travel further out to give them more time to take advantage of payment plans.* And we have those! You can start paying for your trip in interest-free installments up to two years in advance. We make international travel more accessible, and payment plans are a huge part of that.

*Poll methodology: The survey, conducted from September to October 2023, interviewed 109 American and Canadian adults ages 18-34, all of whom have student loans related to their college or university studies. 78% of respondents made zero/no student loan repayments during the U.S. federal payment pause instituted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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France: Castles, Coasts & Croissants

11 days, 4 cities
Save up to $650
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About the Author

Chris Abell is the Associate Director, Content at EF Ultimate Break. Prior to his time at UB, Chris spent years at Travel + Leisure as a writer and editor, most recently as the Associate Editorial Director, Commerce. Before that, he helped found a travel startup called walkli, and he’s been working in the travel space for close to a decade.

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