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2 ways to do Costa Rica this fall. Both will blow you away

Just like running into your ex on the quad, or running out of printing bucks—if you’re in college some things are unavoidable. In particular, next semester is bound to be more than a little weird. Whether you need a little getaway once it’s safe, or want to actually earn college credit hands-on and in-person—a trip to Costa Rica this fall is the solution. Here are two ways to do it.

by Reid Flynn

posted June 4, 2020

It looks like it’s shaping up to be a weird fall semester for those continuing their education, and an even weirder one for those yet to step foot on campus as an undergrad. Your classes may be conducted entirely online, that intangible joy of hearing things from peers’ perspectives may be stunted, and heck, you might be getting a bit restless.

Let’s talk about Costa Rica.

This fall, when it’s safe to venture out yonder, Costa Rica is the perfect destination if you’re in college. For one thing it’s action packed. Our most popular Costa Rica trip is a 10-day, 4-city whirlwind of waterfall hiking, volcano-adjacent kayaking, and canopy zip lining. You know, the sorts of activities you wanna do before your adult brain kicks in and says “that is too much excitement for one trip.” Instead, you may be saying things more like one of our travelers, Samantha, who said “ I have never been one to do anything adventurous until recently and this trip was perfect! There was always something exciting planned between zip lining, white water rafting, or simply seeing crocodiles up close and personal.”

But if it’s more than 10 days you’re after, take a seat, my friend, because you are in luck. Our friends at EF Gap Year (they sit one floor above us, near the good drinking fountain in the office) have a new 8-week program in Costa Rica for college students.

Rather than wither away in front of unengaging Zoom lectures with hundreds of students, EF Gap Year’s Costa Rica Immersion Program earns you college credit (yes, it’s true! Up to six accredited semester hours via a partnership with SNHU) while exploring the great outdoors. Spend four weeks punching up your Spanish hands-on in San Jose and Tamarindo, then another four participating in service learning in fields ranging from ecological conservation to teaching English.

Life-changing is one way to put it. For EF Gap Year alum Diego, doing service learning in Costa Rica inspired him to one day launch a socially responsible fashion brand.

“My vocation for fashion design was affirmed during service in Costa Rica...seeing all those kids, and the little that they had, but how happy they were—that made me want to be able to create a brand that would give back to communities like that, and to employ communities like that, using sustainable materials. Through the different service projects, I realized that [fashion] is my career and what I want to do.”

No matter which way you choose to do Costa Rica, there will be opportunities for walking through cloud forests or laying on the beach with a fresh pressed juice. There will be ceviche and trips to national parks and new friends who had the same idea as you to get out there and make the most of their education. Take it from us, the only online learning you need this fall is on a zip line.

So the only question that remains is: do you want to have the best vacation of your life, or the best fall semester of your life?




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Written by Reid Flynn

Reid is a copywriter at EF Ultimate Break. He loves cheese, playing guitar, and speaking loudly about indie rock to anyone who will listen. His favorite place in the world is Amsterdam.

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