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February 15, 2018 | Interests

Out of Office: Costa Rica Adventure

By Rebecca A.

Name: Rebecca

Trip: Costa Rica Adventure

Tour Director: Gustavo

Best thing you ate: Arroz con pollo. They have it everywhere and it's so simple but really flavorful.

Favorite moment that happened on the bus: Our first night we were on our way home from the volcano, and we started blasting music on the bus. We were all doing karaoke, and one guy was twerking—it was crazy! Especially since we all had just met 6 hours ago, but we all clicked really fast.

Selfie sticks: genius or horrendous?: Horrendous.

Favorite foreign phrase you learned: Pura vida! It means "pure life", but it can be a response to almost anything—it's basically whatever you want it to be!

Thing you were most surprised about: The monkeys! They were reckless and came super close to us on the beach. When we got in the water, they jumped on our stuff, went through our bags, and even stole a few peoples' lunches!

Tips for traveling to Costa Rica: Bug spray!! Wear it. All. The. Time. Even when you’re in pants! Sunscreen is also important, and definitely bring a raincoat (you're in a rainforest...rain happens).

Three words to describe your trip: High-energy, insanely fun, eye-opening.

Where will you go next?: I'm going on the EF Ultimate Break Cuba Uncovered trip in June!

Costa Rica Adventure

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Costa Rica Adventure

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