21 reasons to travel in 2021
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21 Reasons to Travel in 2021

So 2020 hasn’t been the kindest year for your big travel plans. We hear you. But hey, 2021 isn’t that far away, and that means the possibility for new adventures—beyond your Instagram feed. So let’s buck up, dust off the passport, and dig into why you should take a trip in 2021.

There are 1,000 reasons to do nothing, but you only need a few great reasons to do something. Especially something unforgettable, like taking a mind-blowing trip in 2021 to that place you’ve always wanted to go. How many great reasons, exactly? 21.

Why 21? Well besides being a lucky number, the blackjack number, and the I-can-finally-order-a-beer number, it’s also the number of dollars you need to book that trip with EF Ultimate Break—if you do it before prices go up on October 1st. Yup, you heard right, for a limited time, the required deposit to lock in travel highs has been lowered to unheard of lows—but more on that later.

Whether you’re an international newbie thinking about leaving the country for the first time, or you’re an experienced group travel savant looking to check another continent off your bucket list—here are 21 reasons to take a trip with EF Ultimate Break in 2021.

1. Your quarantine bread baking habits rekindled your inner-Francophile

Maybe you spent your 2020 quarantine in the kitchen, baking every tasty treat from sourdough starter to sourdough finish. You’re low-key the reason the stores ran out of flour for a little while there. Whoops. Well now you’re ready for the real thing: French breads, pastries, croissants, and macarons. Get the butter, you’re going to Paris.

2. They’re constantly threatening to close Machu Picchu

It seems like once a year there’s a sensationalist news story about how Machu Picchu is closed forever. Done. Adiós. No more Machu. Fortunately, that’s usually just clickbait—the reality is that the Peruvian government is worried about tourists trampling the ancient, sacred site, and they want to be cautious. But regardless, why take that chance? See Machu Picchu while you’re positive you still can.

3. All it takes is $21 down

Didn’t I say we would get to this? Well, here we are! No matter where you want to go in 2021 (or 2022 for that matter), all it takes is $21 to lock in the lowest prices, when you book by October 1st. That’s like the cost of a nice meal. And it guarantees you a spot at the lowest price on a trip where you can have many of the nicest meals (and nicest memories) of your life. Whaddya got to lose? That’s right, just $21, that’s what.

4. 2021 is the Year of the Ox on the Chinese Zodiac calendar

In 2021, we’re leaving astrology behind and we’re getting really into the Chinese Zodiac tradition. Isn’t that right, guys? Maybe we’ll try out tarot cards too, I dunno. 2021 is not just the Year of the Ox, it’s the Year of the Metal Ox. As in resilient, strong, determined—you get it. If that’s not a sign that you’re taking charge and taking a trip in 2021 after a dismal 2020, I don’t know what is. Don’t forget, the ox pulls the carriage, not the other way around.

5. The Venetian gondoliers’ voices will be immaculate

Venice is beautiful, and don’t let anyone ever tell you any different. Did you see those photos of how pristine the famous canals became back in April due to a lack of visitors? Well guess what else got a break: the beautiful singing voices of the gondoliers who paddle you down the river serenading you in the most vowel-y and flowery Romance language: Italian. Now the gondoliers are ready. They miss you, they need you, and they’re ready to sing to you again while you eat gelato and cruise Venice.

6. Things change, and we’re flexible

Maybe you’re not quite sure if you’ll be ready to go on a trip in 2021. That’s a-okay! We get it. And that’s why you have Ultimate Flexibility. Say you’re booked for Greece and then a few months out you’re like, “Actually, I’m feeling Costa Rica now.” Totally fine. Switch your trip, switch your date, switch whatever you want—no extra fees, as long as you do it more than 60 days before your departure.

7. 2021 is the year you finally become an influencer

We can feel it. We’re rooting for you. Your followers are rooting for you. You’re on the verge of being the next Addison Rae or Lil Huddy. All you need now is to show those followers all of the cool places you go. This Greek beach? That Irish village pub where you’re leading a sing-a-long? Those zip lines in Belize? It’s all just your life now. Make it happen in 2021.

8. You’ve watched every travel documentary possible

You’ve exhausted every streaming service’s offers on travel documentaries. Netflix, Hulu, Prime, some others mere mortals have never even heard of. You’ve seen it all. You can feel it in your bones when a sightseeing scene is coming next. Get off the couch and put all that new knowledge to use on a trip. Those destinations are a lot better in 3D. Check out where you can go next year.

9. You went through a break-up this year

First of all: our condolences. Second: there are plenty of fish in the sea—especially when you expand that sea to include other countries. We hear the locals are pretty cute in that place you’ve been meaning to visit. And hey, if you book your trip, and then you get back together with your ex, you can always change your rooming situation to be with them, up to 60 days before you go.

10. You’ve perfected your British accent and you’re ready to try it out

Your roommate is sick of you calling the bathroom “the loo,” your parents can’t understand why you end all phone calls with “cheerio,” and you’ve developed a serious tea habit. You’ve got to get to London before you lose your jolly proper mind, and newsflash—that umbrella won’t fly you there. But we will, and we’ll show you all around town, from A to Zed.

11. 21 is your lucky number

And it’s ours, too! After 2020, you could use a little luck. You’re hoping a trip in that luckiest of years, 2021, might stand a chance to be a good time. We’re making sure of it. Some say there’s no luck involved, we’re just really good at delivering the perfect trip you’ll remember forever.

12. We’re working overtime to ensure the highest hygiene standards

Worried that your vacation will be hindered by hygiene protocols? Don’t be. We’re making sure that every trip is everything it can be, and we’re only working with suppliers who follow CDC & WHO safety protocols to a T. Whether it’s your bus, your bed, or your breakfast table, we’re making sure you have nothing to worry about.