Out of Office: Belize
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December 6, 2017 | Interests

Out of Office: Belize

Name: Ryan F.

Trip: Belize: Rainforests, Reefs & Ruins

Tour Director: Jewel Williams

Best thing you drank: I drank so much Belkin beer, but the best thing I drank was probably the drink we made during our optional cooking class. It was called “The Nancy Cooler.” Nance is a cherry-like fruit that we used with some cinnamon sticks that had been soaked in rums for a few weeks. We mixed those with rum, ground up mint, and ginger ale. It was really good.

Peanuts or pretzels?: Peanuts

Favorite travel hack: My biggest pet peeve is being behind slow people at TSA. I always wear a hat so I can put my belongings into it beforehand, and I’m ready to go.

Selfie sticks: genius or horrendous?: Horrendous

Window or aisle seat: Window—so I can sleep against it

Go-to group photo pose: The "Thinking Man"

Favorite part of the trip: Zip lining and cave tubing. The zip lining was scary, especially because I’m scared of heights, but once I did it, it was really fun. I would definitely do it again.

Where will you go next: Hopefully Scandinavia!

Belize: Rainforests, Reefs & Ruins