Out of Office: Budapest, Vienna & Prague
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October 2, 2017 | Interests

Out of Office: Budapest, Vienna & Prague

Our team loves to travel. And we love hearing about said travels. So when Henry Z., who manages our inventory, just got back from Budapest, Vienna & Prague , we just had to ask (and by ask we mean grill) him about his trip, all the flights he takes, and which city has the cleanest bathrooms.

Name: Henry Z.

Trip: Budapest, Vienna & Prague

Tour Director: Antonis

Peanuts or pretzels?: Peanuts

Favorite book: in-flight magazines

How many flights have you been on this year?: 50+

Favorite Tour Director moment: TD Games

Best food you ate: Chimney Cakes/Trdlnk. I ordered a giant 2 foot long one in Budapest. It days to eat it—I carried it to 2 different countries.

City with the cleanest bathrooms: Vienna

Selfie sticks: genius or horrendous?: Horrendous

Favorite foreign phrase you learned: Egészségére— Cheers in Hungarian—I mostly learned phrases that had to do with ordering beers or saying cheers

Window or aisle seat: Window—I love looking out

Budapest, Vienna & Prague