Out of Office Grand Tour of Ireland
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February 22, 2018 | Destinations

Out of Office: Grand Tour of Ireland

By Grace

Grace, a Trip Consultant from our Boston office, just got back from a traveling through Ireland, and we were dying to hear about it. We sat down with her over a cold pint of Guinness and got the scoop on all things green, whiskey, and Galway.

Name: Grace

Trip: Grand Tour of Ireland

Tour Director: Gavin (learn more about this awesome Tour Director here).

Best thing you drank: Obviously Guinness, but I would recommend for people to try Smithwick's Ale (the locals pronounce it Smiddicks). Gavin also made me try Power’s, his favorite Irish whiskey.

Favorite travle snack: Cadburys chocolate.

Favorite foreign phrase you learned: "Good craic!" It’s slang that means "good fun," but people use it in different ways. Like you could say "What's the craic?" and mean "What's going on?".

Peanuts or pretzels: Pretzels.

Weirdest thing you were asked about being an American: I was talking to some locals at a pub in Galway, and when they found out I lived in Boston one of them said, “Oh! My cousin owns a bar in Southie!”

One word to describe your trip: Magical.

Favorite part of the trip: The Ring of Kerry! The moment we entered County Kerry, the landscape completely changed from rolling hills to more of a rugged rocky landscape. It was amazing to see.

Where will you go next?: I want to go outside of Europe, like Japan or Vietnam.

Grand Tour of Ireland

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Grand Tour of Ireland

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