Out of Office Rome, Paris & London
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October 8, 2017 | Interests

Out of Office: Rome, Paris & London

Our team loves to travel. And we love hearing about said travels. So when Micaela H., an expert Trip Consultant, just got back from Rome, Paris & London, we just had to ask (and by ask we mean grill) her about her trip, her travel essentials, and which city has the cleanest bathrooms.

Name: Micaela

Trip: Rome, Paris & London

Tour Director: Darren Thompson

Best thing you drank: All the red wine in Rome

Favorite foreign phrase you learned: "Coffin dodgers"—it's what our Tour Guide Joel called old people

Go-to group photo pose: "The point"

Selfie sticks: genius or horrendous?: Genius—I’ve never used one but I wish I did—I have short arms

City with the cleanest bathrooms: London

Book you read during your trip: The Lost Girls

Best memory that happened after 2am: We "slapped the bag" in front of the Eiffel Tower while it was lit up and sparkling

Peanuts or pretzels?: Pretzels

Rome, Paris & London